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WhatsApp Will Bring a Variety of New Features In 2021, There Is a Calling Feature In the Web Version

WhatsApp Will Bring a Variety of New Features In 2021, There Is a Calling Feature In the Web Version

Updates for WhatsApp users in 2021. In addition to the Terms of Service feature on WhatsApp Will Be Updated on February 8, 2021, WhatsApp will also present some of the latest features, both for the application and the web. In fact, one of the features that will come later includes a highly anticipated feature for users of the Web version of WhatsApp. Approximately, what are the features in question? Let’s take a good look at the review below.

1. WhatsApp latest update version allows can paste many items and the presence of bug enhancements

Through the testFlight beta program, WhatsApp has updated to version which is the first beta version to be offered for the new year 2021. This update allows users to paste multiple image and video items on WhatsApp. All users can already do this because this feature is enabled

To use this feature, it is very easy, namely:

  • Open the phone gallery and select multiple pictures or videos
  • Click “export” and then click “copy”
  • Open WhatsApp and choose who you want to send the image to
  • Open the chat chat field and click “paste” to send the previously copied image.

In addition, this WhatsApp update in version will bring more improvements, including:

  • Bug fixes to prevent a search for status updates
  • Improvements for voice, video and group calls
  • Improvements when creating new contacts
  • Improvements in URL sharing
  • There are improvements in backing up a user’s chat history
  • Stickers and emoji features made improvements in general
  • WhatsApp connection restored
2. Voice and video calling features will be available on WhatsApp Web in 2021
WhatsApp new features
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This feature will be rolled out gradually in 2021. So, not all users can directly activate the calling feature on WhatsApp Web. That’s because this feature includes a beta feature so that WhatsApp randomly activates calls for specific users. However, unlucky users do not need to worry because reportedly this feature will be available to all WhatsApp Web users in the next few weeks.

The presence of this feature as an implementation of the calling feature is indispensable when users use the Web version of WhatsApp since more than two years ago. In addition, this step is used to facilitate users to make calls through computers and laptops as well as when conducting video call conferences using Both Zoom and Google Meet.

3. The presence of sticker search feature in WhatsApp Beta for iOS
WhatsApp new features
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Recently, WhatsApp for iOS has made several new updates through the TestFlight beta program on the iOS version In this latest update, there will be a search sticker feature so that users will find more sticker variants in WhatsApp for iOS.

WhatsApp new features
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Currently, the feature is still in the process of launch. iOS users can use this feature after updating iOS to version The way the search sticker feature works is very easy, namely:

  • Make sure that the search sticker feature is activated
  • Verify until if the user’s WhatsApp appears search button
  • If it has appeared means that the seacrh feature is already active
  • Click the “Search” icon to quickly search for the desired sticker. Users can search for it using text, emoji or have multiple sticker categories according to what’s in the default

Please note that this search sticker feature will also be available for WhatsApp Bussiness.

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Some of the features that will come are only available to certain users, but don’t worry because all users will still be able to use the new features but gradually. So, you as a less fortunate user are expected to be patient until all features are available to all WhatsApp users. Good luck.

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