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Update, Xiaomi Will Use Telescopic Lenses On Its Mobile Cameras

xiaomi telescopic lens on camera

The gadget manufacturer continues to make efforts to improve its phone specifications especially in the camera sector. That’s what Xiaomi is reportedly going to use telescopic lenses to develop its mobile products in the camera sector.

As revealed by Digital Chat Station through its Twitter account (@StationChat), Thursday, (5/11/2020) that Xiaomi has launched a telescopic lens with an aperture that produces images of good quality even in low light because the lens is rumored to increase the amount of light coming in by up to 300% with a 20% clarity rate.

telescopic lenses
Digital Chat Station Tweets

In fact, cameras with models like this have been first used by Samsung which it implemented in the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom released in 2014. The phone is equipped with a lens with an optical zoom of 10x with a thick mobile body because it has to load the lens circuit.

For, nowadays Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is rare in mobile phone stores,it may not even exist because it is inferior to new phones that are certainly supported with high specifications and advanced technology.

telescopic lenses
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Go back to the discussion of telescopic lenses that Xiaomi will use that this rear concept has been announced by Xiaomi in China has a range of lenses extending to protrude beyond the body of the phone. The advantages of a camera with a lens like this can also do optical zoom just like a digital compact camera that also has a lens with a similar zoom mechanism of action.

The telescopic lenses that Xiaomi will use later will certainly be different from the telephoto cameras applied in Android phones that are mostly periscope models of both low-end and flagship phones. Today’s mobile cameras are more likely to be arranged sideways periscope models so that they do not protrude outside the body, while telescopic lenses will be more compact in size and less prominently out of the body of the phone.

In addition, today’s cameras are fixed or arguably cannot be used for optical zoom and relatively small apertures so that the results of object shots especially in low-light situations will not be as good as the main camera that has a large aperture. If zooming too magnified in the periscope camera, it lowers the image quality so that sometimes the image becomes blurry and breaks. Xiaomi’s telescopic lenses will result in better shots due to their wider lens hole size.

However, Xiaomi itself has not said how exactly the lens hole size of the telescopic lens will be used or what percentage of its optical zoom will be. When viewed from today’s phones, the periscope lens used usually has a lens hole size of about f/3.0 where the number is much smaller than the size of the main camera lens hole which is usually about f/1.8 or even larger. This is as reported by LoperOnline at TeknoKompas from Android Authority, Tuesday (10/11/2020).

As to when this telescopic lens model will be used on Xiaomi phones it remains unclear as Xiaomi itself has not issued an official statement. Today, Xiaomi is still focused on developing phones with periscope camera models with improved camera features that are even better than previous phones. In addition, Xiaomi is also improving the technology used in its runway kitchens where they use the latest chipsets that make the phone’s performance even more resilient.

Well that’s the information about Xiaomi manufacturers who will use telescopic lensed cameras in mobile phone products in the future. There is still no statement on this, but based on a thread uploaded by digital chat station video, this telescopic lens will be more compact than the telescopic lens in Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

May what is reviewed in this paper be useful to you. With this writing of course you know the news from Xiaomi that will use the telescopic lens model on the camera of the phone. Happy reading and don’t forget to comment yes!

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