4 Problems You Can Avoid When ‘Packing’

Problems You Can Avoid When 'Packing'

Have you checked your bag before you travel? You need to do it to make sure that no important items are left behind. However, not a few people who often miss one of the important things when checking the contents of the bag again.

The important thing in question is to ascertain whether the items carried are already a priority item or even most of the items carried are non-essential items that only meet the contents of the bag. Here’s something to watch out for. At least by only bringing the items that are prioritized, you can streamline the traveling bag.

To discuss the problem, reported by Independent Traveler, here are 4 problems that you can avoid when packing:

Airport Officials Confiscate Goods

If you’ve planned properly and made sure all the items you carry are allowed on the plane, you shouldn’t run into any problems like this. But if you are teledor and not careful when packing,this can bring problems for you when at the airport security checkpoint.

When an officer finds a designer-branded 150 ml perfume bottle in a tote bag, you have to let it go. You will be more fortunate if you are accompanied by family. You can give it to the family and leave it without having to be confiscated by officers. And remember… Don’t bring things that are KW either.

Too many souvenirs

If you only carry a carry-on bag when traveling, then what about the souvenirs you buy, such as snowballs filled with liquid or wine that may be prohibited when passing through airport securitycheckpoints. There is no empty space in your suitcase. So what should you do with that extra souvenir?

If possible, you can sacrifice some items such as clothing to store souvenirs in check-inbaggage. Or if you doubt there is a problem when at the airport, you can use international freight forwarding services to send souvenirs to the house, especially souvenirs that are easily broken or fragile will be safer through this way.

Important Items Left at Home

Some people are usually busy with things that are less priority to take with them and even forget about important items. If you forget to bring a mobile phone charger, guidebook, wallet, or other item that you will use on your trip is an unfortunate thing. It’s going to be very disturbing. For that, first check your bag before leaving. Or if possible you can buy the item at the store at the airport. Inevitably, because it’s important.

Something Spilled in Your Bag

The last thing is that you should anticipate if carrying items that contain liquids. Your trip will be unpleasant if something happens that is not desirable because of it. The liquid can destroy your electronics or clothes in the bag. To prevent this possibility, you can imitate the way travelers who have often traveled by storing items containing the liquid into a special container or plastic bag.


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