5 Interesting Facts about Curacao, a Country with a Higher Iguana Population than the Population

Fakta Menarik Negara Curacao

Ahead of the FIFA Match Day match, the country of Curacao is in the spotlight of the Indonesian public. Because, the island nation in the Caribbean Sea will face the Indonesian national team on September 24 and 27, 2022. Both matches will be held at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium and Pakansari Stadium.

The country of Curacao is currently ranked 84th in FIFA, but its name is still quite foreign to Indonesians. In fact, this country included in the Kingdom of the Netherlands has some interesting and unique things. Summarizing various sources, here are five facts about his country:

1. History of the Name Curacao

The country’s name is believed to be derived from the Portuguese word coração, which means heart. This refers to the fact that the country was once a trading center and a place where sailors rested. Miraculously, their seasickness was cured by a stop on the island.

2. Country of Curacao Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The country of Curacau cannot be separated from the influence of European invasions that came in 1499, namely Spain and the Netherlands. In 1515, the natives of the region were made slaves by the Spanish, and then, the Dutch defeated the Spanish and took control of the island in 1634. Because of that control, in 2010, Curacao officially became a country included in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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3. Place of Cultural Acculturation

Curacau is a place of cultural acculturation from various countries. Their local culture is steeped in the presence of foreigners, and even the country’s flag reflects this. These cultural influences can be seen in language, traditions, religion, values, cuisine and almost every aspect. For example, people in the country of Curacao speak four languages – Dutch as the official language, Papiamentu, Spanish and English.

4. The Most Colorful Capital City in the Caribbean

Originally, most houses and buildings in the country were white. However, since Dutch rule in the 17th century, colorful buildings have become popular. Not surprisingly, Willemstad, the country’s capital, is now filled with color.

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5. Iguana population exceeds population

No one visits the country of Curacao without seeing an iguana. They can be found everywhere and there tend to be more iguanas than people in Curacao. In this country, iguanas are protected animals, but they have been proliferating rapidly in recent years.

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