5 Mouthwatering North Korean Food

North Korean Coastal Seafood

If South Korea is popular with the frenetic entertainment industry, North Korea is precisely known as one of the closed countries. When visiting there, tourists should know that not just any place can be used as a photo spot. However, North Korean food is also worth tasting. Curious? Here are north Korean culinary recommendations.

Pyeongyang Naengmyeon, Korean Classic

Pyeongyang Naengmyeon, North Korean Food
Pyeongyang Naengmyeon, North Korean Food

Often referred to as Pyeongyang Cold Noodle, this culinary is a classic dish typical of South Korea. The basic ingredients of the noodles are made from rye commonly called buckwheat, so the color of the noodles also looks blackish.

Noodles are served in cold clear broth. To complete it is also added spicy sauce, cuts of meat, and eggs. In addition, it can also be added some vegetables such as cabbage, radish, or cucumber.

In North Korea every newlywed couple is required to eat this food. His philosophy is that the marriage is lasting, and if he refuses, it is considered a disrespectful act.

Injo Gogi Bap, a Unique North Korean Food

Injo Gogi Bap, North Korean Food
Injo Gogi Bap, North Korean Food

This one is very unique because it is made and the leftovers are then rolled into one. The shape looks similar to sausage, it’s just black. The leftovers used must certainly be food that is still in good condition and decent. As a complement, injo gogi bap is served with spicy sauce or curry.

It turns out that there is an interesting history behind the creation of this food. In the 1990s, North Korea was hit by a severe famine. Because people in North Korea love meat so much, they are creative in making meat. The ingredients used are soybeans that are processed into pasta or may be soybeans.

The finished meat is then used to roll the rice and equip it with chili sauce. This unique food can only be found in North Korea, and it is very easy to find it. Because it is one of the people’s favorite foods, the price is affordable.

Bughan Barbeque, a Native North Korean barbecue

Bughan Barbeque, a North Korean Food
Bughan Barbeque, a North Korean Food

Although you can eat barbecue in other countries, this North Korean food is slightly different. The difference is the grill that is commonly used for generations. The main ingredient of this original North Korean barbecue is of course beef.

The meat is pierced with a long iron rod and then baked until ready to eat on the coals. Its delicious taste makes this food a favorite choice of North Koreans,especially when gathering with family and friends.

Dubu Bap, Children’s Favorite North Korean Food

Dubu Bap, North Korean Food
Dubu Bap, North Korean Food

In the face of famine from 1994 to 1998, North Korea not only had injo gogi bap. Other processed that residents created at that time were dubu bap, dubu means tofu and bap namely rice. As the name implies, the main ingredient to make it is tofu, more precisely the skin of tofu. The tofu skin is filled with white rice which is then added sauce on top. Sold at affordable prices, making dubu bap one of the children’s favorite foods in the country.

North Korean Coastal Seafood Dishes

North Korean Coastal Seafood
North Korean Seafood Dishes

Seafood not only has a delicious taste, but also healthy. That’s why many people in the world are fans, including the people of North Korea. For people living in coastal areas of North Korea, seafood is arguably the main food.

Usually the dish is used as BBQ, like BBQ shells that are usually enjoyed with family. However, residents there also often consume raw seafood. Some of the favorite seafood in North Korea are salmon, cod, Alaskan Pollock fish, and octopus.

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Because of its proximity to North Korea, it is not surprising that many typical North Korean foods are similar to typical South Korean cuisine. Of the five food lists above, which one would you most like to taste?

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