5 tourist attractions in Cameroon that host the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations

5 tourist attractions in Cameroon that host the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations

The host of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations has a variety of local languages spoken by the community. There are at least 230 languages in this country called the heart of Africa. In addition, tourist attractions in Cameroon are also very complete, ranging from rainforest areas, mountains to beaches.

Renting and driving a vehicle here is also easier than the rest of Africa because it has good road conditions. Public transportation is also better so it is enough to support travelers to travel.

5 Tourist Attractions in Cameroon That Should Not Be Missed


West Africa may not be famous for its beautiful cities, but Cameroon’s capital, Younde, is one of them. The city is well planned and neat where many buildings in the city are separated by hills.

In addition to a good urban arrangement, the city is also clean and safe so it is ideal to be a tourist destination in Cameroon. The government buildings of the 70s are also interesting to admire.

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Maroua is not as green and as a tourist spot in Cameroon, but of course there is still its own attraction. The streets are dusty, red and sandy and dull beige buildings look very colorful because of the clothes of the locals.

Moroua is a great location to experience cameroon’s culture firsthand. The city is also a great choice if you want to visit the Mandara Mountains in northern Cameroon.


Limbe is located on the slopes of Mount Cameroon which is an active volcanic mountain. Limbe is a tourist spot in Cameroon that is a center for tourists who want to explore the beauty of this area.

The botanical gardens in Limbe City are a great choice to learn about nature in this area before launching a trip to waterfalls and national parks.

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This mountain itself has an altitude of more than 4,000 meters so hiking becomes one of the most challenging activities. If you love challenges and nature, Lime is cameroon’s best tourist spot.

Waza National Park

Located about 180 miles north of Maroua, Waza National Park looks different in four seasons. However, it is always best to see some typical African animals such as giraffes, elephants and hyenas.

Visitors are allowed to drive their own vehicles to explore one of Cameroon’s tourist attractions. But there must be a guide, because those who know better where the best places to find the spectacular wildlife herd.


For art lovers, Foumban is a tourist spot in Cameroon that is unyielding. The city is known for its musical, artistic and architectural attractions. In addition, the city also has the largest Muslim population in Cameroon.

Because of the Islamic influence of this city gives a feel to the war between North Africa and West Africa. The Royal Palace and museums located side by side are its main attractions.

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Those are the five tourist destinations in Cameroon that are hosting the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations. Good luck, yes!

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