Ahe Island, a Hidden Paradise in Papua

Ahe Island, a Hidden Paradise in Papua

Back exploring Papua is indeed no end in addition famous for tourist Raja Ampat, Papua has over many destinations very beautiful, but also there are many destinations that have not been revealed which awaits every tourist who wants to try to explore.

Ahe Island one of them, be a destination that is in demand by tourists outside, this place was never empty of tourists for its natural beauty will be very well known, especially overseas. The natural beauty of the island ahe provide coolness and peace of mind for every visitor, besides the natural landscape Ahe island also has a marine park that is extraordinary.

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Art and Traditional Culture Ahe owned island is very successful in attracting the attention of tourists to visit these tourist sites. Art and cultural attractions featured on Ahe island as well as to help the survival of the local residents as an additional income for them. Each appearance of art and culture of local residents are greatly appreciated by tourists so as to increase income for local people and local cultural arts activities capable of being a tourist attraction that has a close relationship with this Ahe island tourism destinations.

Ahe island has an area of approximately 300 square meters. On the island there is the wreckage Ahe heritage from the allies in World War II, most of whom have moved to the mainland. Expanse of water dotted coral reefs and other biota wealth adds to the beauty of this island. These attractions are managed by the local community under the coordination of the Department of Tourism and the Nabire district of Papua province. To reach these places, using speedboats and longboats for approximately 20 minutes from the capital district and 1.5 to 2 hours when departing from the district capital.

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Ahe island has white sandy beaches are very clean. The beaches here are free from debris – human waste such as food wrap or plastic. However, the stem – a large tree trunks sometimes meet white sandy beaches making it difficult for visitors to enjoy the beauty of its beaches.


The beaches here are quite flat and ideal for those who want to relieve tired while lazing on the beach. In one of the promontory there are houses on stilts that are made available for guests at this island. If you want to stay, here also has available several bungalows.

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