Backpacker Tips To Labuan Bajo Anti Extravagant!

Backpacker Tips To Labuan Bajo Anti Extravagant!

Backpacker is one of the most popular ways to visit Labuan Bajo. In addition to being more affordable, this way can also make travelers have more budget to explore other places.

A vacation to eastern Indonesia is one of the dreams of travelers. One of the places that has been famous for its beauty as well as a must-visit destination is Labuan Bajo. There are many islands in the vicinity that can be visited, one of which is Komodo Island. Before planning a backpacker-style vacation there, try to check out the tips below so that the trip is safe and at the same time economical!

Choose Vacation Time During Low Season

The end of the year has always been a much in-demand time for long holidays. If the goal is to save money, avoid leaving in November and December as much as possible. In addition to accommodation prices that tend to rise, the weather at the end of the year is also more difficult to predict and more rainfall. To avoid the crowded tourist attractions as well as bad weather, try to come in July to September when the weather is sunny.

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Combine Land And Air Travel

One way to save money for a vacation to this favorite destination is to combine land and air travel. Now tourists can use the bus from Lombok to reach Labuan Bajo.

The journey will start from Mataram and takes about 24 hours. Usually, the majority of inter-provincial bus services include a ticket to cross the ship until dinner. The price is only hundreds of thousands.

Don’t be afraid to get bored! Because during the trip aka nada treat beautiful natural scenery of West Nusa Tenggara. If you decide to travel by bus, don’t forget to keep your body healthy!

Make a Travel Plan Before Going To Labuan Bajo

Your next tip is to create your own itinerary. Although there are many places to explore, not all of them have to be visited. Try to do some research first to get to know which places are most likely to be visited. Don’t be shy to ask questions with residents or local guide services, so that the holiday can be enjoyed more optimally.

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Go With a Group

Solo traveling is not always cheaper, especially if you go to a destination that does not have access to public transportation. To outsmart the cost, try to go in groups. Besides being safe, going with a lot of people can also help save you a lot of money. Backpackers can do urunan to rent accommodation, food, or vehicles while in Labuan Bajo.

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