Bali and Haunted Places

Everybody knew Bali has many beautiful places. The most beautiful scenery of sunset be able to you enjoy in beach of Bali, if you need to refreshing, you can visit to Ubud–that the best village ever. Bali has everything you need. Bali is wonderful land in Indonesia. But, did you know Bali is also has many haunted places? Bali and haunted places will make you affraid indeed. So, remember to visit this haunted places if you come to Bali.

Park Festival – Padang Galak


This park rarely visit since 14 years ago. The buildings are derelict, the walls are dull, roof less. Formely, in this place crocodiles are inmate. Because no people that care with they, that crocodiles eating mutually. No more crocodiles at here, but you still beware while visit this park.

Bali’s Tomb


Have you already know story of Leak? In mythology of Bali, Leak is evil enchanter which until now still a lot exist in Bali. Leak simulant a human at noon, but they are ‘hunting’ at night. Leak take the corpse’s anat for making black magic formula. Moreover, Leak also take the anat from human. Bali’s tomb in Kintamani named village Trunyan well known as the prowl place of Leak. At here, the corpses put on tomb without burying.

Pi Bedugul – Tabanan


This hotel is neglected without finish constructed ever. Unhabitat, sinister and desolate. While you visit this hotel, you can see is this the wide and luxurious hotel honestly. But at there, you also be able to hear the voices of contruction or moreover, you can hear voices of accident.

USS Liberty – Tulamben


Because of the length settle on the seabed, this ship has been smeared. Many kind of fish be full at there, colourful and beautiful. Honestly, USS Liberty ship is one of many best spot diving in Bali. But, remember, where there is a sinking ship, there were victims who died. USS Liberty is ship which sinking in 1942 at Tulamben Beach. Still to beware if you want diving at there.

Under Sea Temple Garden – Pemuteran


Have you seen ghost water? May be you can see in Pemuteran, Bali. There are an ancient temple that nowadays was sinked. Diving and go around the statues. As we know, usually, the ghost always stay in statues. May be also there. Are you dare?

Bounty Beach Club Bungalows – Gili Meno


Formely, this villa use as inn but now was become neglected because the owner die in tragic. Many of tourist that have visited saying, some ghost prowl in here. Any installations was fall out, the corridors of villa dark light. Imagine that you are there.

Ho Tsai Fa Ship – Padang-Padang Beach


At 2008, Ho Tsai Fa Ship number 18 was ashore in Padang-padang Beach. The captain, all of crewman and passengers lost in a strange. The area of ashore’s ship be hauted nowadays.

Lawah Cave – Klungkung


This cave is house that habitated with thousand of bats. In the morning, noon, especially at night, thousand of bats fill the cave with result that make a fear impression. The society believed, in cave be found king of snake that wearing a crown on his head. Many kind of bad myth also turn about this cave. For safe, please to obey the rule while you visit there.

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