Confused to Go to the Beach, Mountain Or Waterfall? At Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi, It’s All There!

Confused to Go to the Beach, Mountain Or Waterfall? At Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi,

Since being recognized for its natural beauty in 2015 by UNESCO as a world geological heritage, Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi is increasingly known. The natural landscape is amazing, making you squeal in awe and go home on vacation with a light mind. Want an acquaintance?

This tourist destination is a conservation, education and sustainable development area that has a variety of geology, biological and cultural in an area of 128 thousand hectares—or about eight subdistricts in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.

Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi promises a near-perfect and complete natural panorama. Those of you who are confused about going on a beach or mountain vacation, just come here! No lying, this tourist area has everything you need.

Before cus, it’s a good idea to determine where to go first while in geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi. Don’t let the many tourist destinations there make it difficult for you to choose. Here Loper summarizes favorite tourist destinations in Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi. Cekidot!

Entering From The Sea, Meet Palangpang Beach

Named Palangpang, perhaps because this beach is the ‘entrance’ of Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi from the direction of the sea. This beach is quite long with rows of coconut trees lined up neatly that add perfection. The area of the ideal beach makes it really cozy to run around on it or just sit back and listen to how quiet the waves whisper.

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Palangpang Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi Beach is the first miracle that you can find. Don’t stop here, you’ll have to explore somewhere else or else you’ll be sorry!

Invite Couples to the Top of Tugu – Geopark Ciletuh

Not only the beach, in Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi there are also hills with interesting spots with amazingly beautiful natural views. One of the most popular peaks is Puncak Tugu which is touted as a romantic spot. Why is it romantic? Because here attached a small wooden pier in the form of the letter I, the symbol of the heart and the letter U.

If you intend to give a surprise to your partner and he does not know about this spot yet, it will be a very romantic moment! The view of Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi is clear from here. Not only that, you can also stay here while enjoying the outdoors there are nights. Give a gift of stars that flicker for Him at the top of this Monument, guaranteed to be more sticky!

The Mystical Curug Cikaso

You who doyan the same mystical smells, must really nih, stop by the Waterfall Cikaso while in the Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi. It is said that the myth that circulates, this waterfall has a waiter. The waiter is not even ordinary people, Curug Cikaso Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi is guarded by Nyai Blorong. Simpang siur, there are also those who say that the waiter is Prabu Siliwangi.

Even so, Curug Cikaso has a great natural panorama, which may make you forget about the myths circulating. Beautiful waterfalls flow from high, green cliffs, fall into cool clear pools—and you can swim! It’s fun!

Some people say, it is natural that this waterfall has a waiter, considering there is an extraordinary beautiful nature that must be ‘they’ take care of. However, believe it or not, maintaining good manners is mandatory when vacationing anywhere, yes, buddy!

Kunti Island That Is Not As Scary as Its Name

One of the hidden islands that enter the Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark area is Kunti Island located in Mandrajaya Village, Ciemas District. Called Kunti Island because in the past, it is said, many people saw the appearance of Kuntilanak on this island. However, the mystical story barely meant anything after the world began to recognize the beauty of this island.

Here there is a clean beach and rich underwater beauty so it’s really good if you want to snorkel.

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Not only that, but there is also Kunti Cave that can be the best photo spot to beautify your Instagram feed. One more thing, don’t go home before you see the sunset that will make you forget all your problems!

As one of the islands that is touted as a hidden paradise, you will agree that Kunti Island is not as scary as its name suggests. Relax, instead of being afraid, you’ll be fascinated by the beauty of the island.

Stunning Landscapes in Puncak Gebang

One of the most great spots to enjoy the entire landscape of Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi is Puncak Gebang. Here there is a spot view in the form of wooden boats made by local people that if we stand on it, it looks like we are riding a boat that hovers in the clouds.

Down there is a beach with clean sand and clear water and charming green hills. If you look at him while breathing as much oxygen as you can, you’ll feel like you’re bewitched.

For the sake of a great looking photo, you may have to wait in line to be able to take a picture at puncak gebang. Naumn, it’s going to pay off, really! If you take a picture with the couple, at the end of the deck, it’s like Rose and Jack posing on the Titanic! Very gumuy, right~

Curug Awang, Trademark of Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi

As we know, not only beaches and hilltops, Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi also offers a panoramic view of nature in the form of various waterfalls. Among all waterfalls, there is Curug Awang which is touted as the trademark of this Geopark.

Curug Awang resembles curtains that are inserted, because from high and long cliffs, only the end of which there is a waterfall. The stunning beauty of Curug Awang even makes it a mini Niagara Falls. Do you agree? This is so cool!

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You can choose, play in the clear and fresh pool or go up the cliff to see the top of the cool cliff. When else can you see the top of a waterfall that close, anyway? No wonder that curug Awang is the mainstay of Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi.

Enchanting White Sand at Pangumbahan Beach

You know maldives a.k.a Maldives? The artists’ vacations for vacations and even honeymoons. If you are ngiri, nih, and really want to go to Maldives but can’t, don’t worry, there is Pangumbahan Beach that is similar to Maldives!

No exaggeration, considering how clean the white sand there is and the blue sea water. With the right sunlight, try taking a picture there. The result is okay got!

Besides enjoying the panorama, you can snorkel and surf here, and also see green turtles! Yep, Pangumbahan Beach Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi is the original habibat of green turtles. Remember yes, leave them alone, just look at them! Because it is fitting that we take care of their habibat, vacation without spoiling.

Dramatic Three-Tier Waterfall, Cigangsa Waterfall

Still in the Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi area, Curug Cigangsa is a must-have destination (pake) really to be included in your holiday itinerary. This waterfall, beautiful and dramatic because it is three storeys and each level is really neat!

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The highest level is the topmost cliff, then the water goes down to the second level where you can play and pose there because the water is calm. As you play in this second level, the water will still flow to fall to the lowest level.

The best spot to take photos is in the second tier. Coincidentally, this second level is indeed a large enough pool that makes it possible for you to be there. Eits, stay careful, yes. Don’t joke too much, you’re still a cliff below you!

Enjoying the Rural Atmosphere in Ciptagelar

Not only nature tourism that you can visit in Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi, but there is a traditional village there, Ciptagelar or commonly known as Kasepuhan Ciptagelar. Those of you who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to take a break after touring the geopark, stop by here first, let’s go!

Kasepuhan Ciptagelar is located at the foot of Halimun mountain. The people there are inland communities who still uphold the customs and teachings of their ancestors, starting from the form of houses and traditions. Besides being able to witness strong traditional values, if you come at the right time, you can see for yourself the traditional ceremony during the farming tradition.

In the tradition of farming there are usually a series of events such as ngaseuk, mipit, nutun, nganyaran and ponggokan and ended with the peak of the event or Serentaun. In addition to the series of events, there will also be a number of arts such as Jipeng, Topeng, Angklung Buhun, Wayang Golek, Ujungan, Debus and Pantun Buhun that are very entertaining.

Darma Peak – Geopark Ciletuh

Like other peaks in Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi, Darma Peak is usually used as a suitable spot to enjoy the natural scenery of the geopark as a whole. Loper version, Darma Peak is the best peak or spot that is there.

How not, from the peak at an altitude of more than 230mdpl, you can stare directly at the beach in front of it in full, complete with a view of the sky without any obstruction.

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As far as the eye can see, there are only rice fields, beaches, hills and the sky that is more beautiful when dusk comes. Being on it, you will be grateful to have the opportunity to witness God’s beautiful universe.

What else is lacking in this Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark, try? It’s all there, it’s all incredible. You’re free to choose! One more thing, let your photos look amazing, take a look at some ways to take photos to look professional. Unfortunately, if the nature is that beautiful, but, your photo skills are still ordinary. Happy holidays, you!

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