Nipah Beach That Pampers the Tongue

Nipah Beach That Pampers the Tongue

Now the fame of Lombok Island is not inferior to the island of Bali. Lombok Island is famous for various types of natural attractions, especially its beaches. There are many beautiful beaches in Lombok, one of which is Nipah Beach.

Nipah Beach becomes one of the attractions that must be visited by tourists when vacationing in Lombok. This tourist attraction is located in North Lombok Regency, precisely in Nipah Village Malaka District Winner.

To get there takes about 45 minutes drive from mataram city using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. The short time and distance, as well as natural scenery in the form of beaches during the trip to Nipah Beach becomes a bonus for tourists.

Once entering the Nipah Beach area, you will be greeted with berugak or bales that line along the road accompanied by billowing smoke. That is the marker and becomes the characteristic of this beach. The smoke is the result of burning fish. In Nipah Beach there are many grilled fish sellers who start selling since morning. Culinary enthusiasts are not only local tourists, but also foreign tourists.

Usually Nipah Beach is more crowded at lunchtime. Therefore, if you want to have lunch here, don’t come hungry. In addition to being crowded, the menu is still fresh. So you have to be patient waiting, especially if you visit on holiday.

Fish is directly burned on charcoal without the use of seasoning. To add flavor, the seller provides two types of sambal, namely rim sambal and soy sauce sambal. However, enjoying grilled fish feels incomplete without the company of moringa clear vegetables or kale rim vegetables, or grilled eggplant. For drinks, you can order young coconuts that are directly taken from the coconut trees around the beach. The seller also provides smoked fish that can be taken home as souvenirs for the family. And what about the price? Take it easy, for a meal of four people, you only need to spend about Rp 100,000. Cheap, isn’t it?

While waiting for orders, visitors can spoil the eyes to see the beauty of the beach by sitting on the beach. For those of you who like to take pictures, the view of Nipah Beach with its clear blue water and surrounded by hills can be a beautiful background. From that corner you can see three gilis (Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno) from a distance. Then it can go down to near the shoreline to swim. In addition, there is still one moment that is a pity to miss, which is to see the sunset.

That’s one of the moments to eat in the open with beautiful scenery that is a pity to miss. Especially for those of you who come from big cities, the moment is very expensive. Yes, Lombok is an island that always manages to make its residents and people who have stopped by want to return again. So don’t be surprised if someone says, “Don’t go to Lombok, you won’t go home!”

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