Virgin Beach – Pari Island, History & Myths

Virgin Beach - Pari Island, History & Myths

Virgin Beach is one of the tourist spots in Pari Island with its white sand beauty that should not be missed if you travel to pari island. In addition to the beauty of the white sand, travel to Pari Island virgin beach there are quite a lot of mangrove trees.

Why is it called a virgin beach? A number of myths and stories about the origin of virgin beach names have been widely circulated in the community.

Why is it called a virgin beach? One of the stories of the people around Pari island, explained that a long time ago, decades ago two small children played on the beach of Pari Island, the beach was lush with weeds and shrubs, and many spiked pandanus trees and coconut trees were found.

At that time, they saw a black crow flying near them. The crow was not far from them. The two young children are still indifferent and playing on the beach looking for shellfish.

A short time later, the crow flew towards them and raised one of the little ones. Then the crow flew with one of the girls and never came back.

The two little girls are of course still virgins. So named the beach became Virgin Beach, which is the beach where the virgin son is missing.

Another little boy reported to the residents that his friend was brought a crow. Residents had tried to search various places but the girl remained unable to find them. The eyewitness (child) is still alive and living on Pari Island.

There is no denying that Virgin Beach is beautiful with sand that is still ‘virgin’ whose virginity is snatched by tourists.

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