The Beauty of Mengelana on Sikuai Island

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Indonesia has a variety of beautiful places in it. We can find a variety of exotic and beautiful places to visit, ranging from the east end to the west end. A place like this is a hunt for travelers. Travelers will surely rush to visit a beautiful place that is new or rarely heard of. This time, there is another beautiful place in the western tip of Indonesia. Precisely in the city of Padang, West Sumatra. Here there is a small island that is very close to the mainland of Sumatra Island. Its name is Sikuai Island.

Maybe this name is still rarely known in the ears of travelers both domestically and abroad. The beauty offered on this island is a very beautiful white sand beach, plus the sea is still blue once contains many beautiful fauna.

Info about Sikuai island

Sikuai Island can be reached from Bungus Bay Port, Padang City. It can also be reached through the Marine Tourism Pier on Jalan Batang Harau, Padang. Sikuai Island is only about 20 km from the city of Padang / Sumatra Island. It only takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the beach of this island from the city of Padang using a speedboat. 60 minutes if you use a ship.

Sikuai Island has an area of about 44.4 hectares or 38.6 square kilometers. About 2.5 hectares of the island is used as a resort or tourist attraction. And on the other side it is still an unsmah forest and beach. The part used as a tourist resort starts from the beach section of Sikuai island that faces towards the island of Sumatra.

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New Sikuai Resort is the manager of this island that makes this island a tourist spot. New Sikuai Resort was built in 1994. And it has official support from the padang city government, and was inaugurated as a tourist spot in 2008. Since its opening as a tourist spot, Sikuai island is so crowded.

What can we get when visiting iisland?

vacation to sikuai island
Sikuai Island Resort

If we visit sikuai island, we will be treated to the beautiful white sand beach. Sikuai Island is surrounded by white sand beaches whose cleanliness is very well maintained. Very little garbage, even clean because of the officers who pick up garbage at Sikuai beach.

We can see sunrise / sunrise and sunset or sunset very clearly from the beach. Moments like this are much awaited by tourists to see the scenery and take pictures together.

In addition, the sea is still very blue, with fairly calm waves. So it is quite safe for those of us who want to snorkel / dive to see the contents of this sea that is so beautiful. There are many fish – fish and small coral reefs and other marine plants. In addition, we can swim and play canoeing or speedboat in the middle of the sea.

The wind is gentle – a corner always blows, making the body not too feel the heat of the beach. Moreover, the conditions were extremely calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise. Many coconut trees are shady, suitable for shelter, or sleeping on a hammock between two coconut trees.

We can surround the entire island by exploring, or by cycling. Starting from exploring the forest, rock climbing, and if we are interested in circling all parts of the beach of this island, we only spend 2 hours.

How much does it cost to visit Sikuaiisland?

If we want to enjoy everything on sikuai island then we just need to spend a little money. The fare for admission and exploring the entire island of Sikuai only needs to spend Rp.250,000 including lunch, the fee is calculated per day. If we choose this package, then at 16:00 we must immediately leave the island, because ships and speedboats will not operate above this hour.

If we choose a package of visits and stay at the resort, the resort fee starts from Rp. 750,000 you have got an inn and can visit the entire island of Sikuai.

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So many explanations about the beauty of Sikuai island, for those of you travelers who want to visit, immediately visit one of the paradises in Indonesia. I hope this article is useful. Thank you for reading.

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