Golden Gate Bridge, Uncovering America’s Splendor

Golden Gate Bridge, Uncovering America's Splendor

Godzilla is one of dozens of films that feature the Golden Gate Bridge in its scenes. The bridge that runs across the Golden Gate Strait, connecting the cities of San Francisco and Marin County, often appears in movies, TV series, books, video games and even song lyrics thanks to its architectural beauty and luxury. Not only is it the epitome of San Francisco, it is also attached to the symbols of California, even America.

History of Golden Gate Bridge Building

The Golden Gate Strait itself, is the strait connecting San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. Prior to the Golden Gate Bridge, the journey from San Francisco to Marin County and vice versa could only be taken by ferry. Under the leadership of Joseph Strauss, chicago bridge engineer, the Golden Gate Bridge was built in 1933. It was a particular obstacle for Joseph to build the bridge, as construction was often hampered by wind and fog, as well as rejection from some ferry companies. It took about 4 years, the Golden Gate Bridge finally began to be operated for the public by both cars and pedestrians.

The core of the building is, the end to the end of the bridge is about 2.7 kilometers long, the span between the poles is 1,300 meters and is within an altitude of 230 meters above the water level. The road on the bridge is supported by two main poles and two steel cables. This bridge, spent about 1.2 million bolts to unite the steel wire with its poles.


The Golden Gate Bridge can be reached from many sides. Both from San Francisco, and Marin County. All sides are crowded, because this bridge is indeed a must-see attraction for tourists. The view over the strait is like we’re close to the sky. Especially at sunset, the view from the Golden Gate Bridge is really beautiful.

If you choose to come from San Francisco, then there you will see a replica of the bridge, where it also says how the bridge works and a bit of history.

A little advice for those of you who want to come to this bridge, don’t forget to wear a jacket and headgear. Because, despite the summer, the weather over the Golden Gate Bridge remains cold and windy. Even on winter mornings, it’s not uncommon for the Golden Gate Bridge to be almost completely covered in fog. Don’t forget to take a picture, as this Golden Gate bridge holds an unofficial record as the most photographed bridge.

Location of Suicide at Golden Gate Bridge

About 100,000 cars pass through the Golden Gate every day. Speeds are limited to 70 km/h to reduce the risk of accidents. The hardest thing to reduce is the suicide rate. In addition to being admired for its architecture and luxury, Golden Gate also turns out to have a dark story. To date, the Golden Gate is listed as the second most commonly used place for suicide.

More than 1000 suicides have occurred at the Golden Gate. Those who choose to end their lives here, will usually commit suicide by plunging off a bridge. Heavy currents in the Golden Gate strait, which is a meeting between two major rivers, sometimes make it difficult for authorities to evacuate the suicide victims.

Golden Gate Bridge warning

The San Francisco government had anticipated that there would be no more similar cases. In the middle of the bridge, a makeshift telephone line was built that could be used by those who were desperate and suicidal. Apparently, there will be special counsel to hear about those who are about to commit suicide.

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This government’s efforts should be supported by the reduction of suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a shame, given how the founders of this luxury bridge have been as powerful as building bridges, it’s not a place to do things like suicide.

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