5 Unique Facts of Pompeii’s Ancient City

Ancient City of Pompeii

Recently the Italian Ministry of Culture announced the discovery of the remains of two residents of Pompeii by archaeologists. Both bodies are thought to date back to AD 79 when a volcanic eruption destroyed the ancient Roman city. The remains were found in a villa in Civita Giuliana located 700m northwest of the ancient city centre of Pompoii.

It is thought that one of the bodies was a man of higher status between the ages of 30 and 40. The second jada is thought to be 18 to 23 years old and has several fractured spines. This indicated that he was a slave who had heavy work.

Pompeii, located 14 miles southeast of Naples, was once home to 13,000 people buried by volcanic eruptions. The remains of this ancient city were rediscovered in the 16th century.

Pompeii City Facts

Pompeii City Facts

The story of pompeii, which was in Italy and was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesusius, must have been told. As a result of the eruption in AD 79, the ancient city disappeared. All its citizens were buried in volcanic ash and died. Today, the ruins of this ancient city become an attraction that can attract tourists.

From tourists who are just curious about its existence to scientists who want to know more about the tragic disaster. Quoted from Brightside, here are 5 interesting facts about the City of Pompeii and its life. Curious?

Don’t Know That Mount Vesuvius Is a Volcano

Having been dormanted and not erupting for 1,800 years, pompeii residents apparently did not know it was a dangerous volcano. At that time, the residents of the city considered the area where he lived as a safe place. Even small earthquakes that are a sign that the mountain will erupt are not considered dangerous at all.

Not a Roman City

Because of its structure and location in Italy, it is not surprising that most people think of this city as a relic of Roman civilization. In fact, the city was actually built by the Osci people who came from Greece in the 6th or 7th century BC. Later, the ancient city was captured by the Romans. However, the items left behind in this place are mostly greek cultural relics.

Buried 1,500 Years

This historic city has apparently been buried for 1,500 years by the ashes of Mount Vesuvius and has been forgotten from the human being. It was rediscovered by Italian architect Domenico Fontana in 1566 while digging waterways. It was not until 1748 that the site was officially excavated, and it is not even finished until now.

People Should Be Safe

One of the things that makes this city buried in ash is the wind gusts around Mount Vesuvius that usually lead to the southwest instead of blowing to the northwest. It is this factor that makes it harder for city dwellers to save themselves.

Pompeii City Buried 4 to 6 Meters Deep

When the house was found, the body was still found in one piece even though it had been buried for 1,500 years. This is because the ash covering Pompeii reaches 4 to 6 meters which makes the city airtight. As a result, the remnants of the civilization of this city still survive to this day.

Those are some interesting things about pompeii that we have summarized for you. Find more interesting articles here.

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