EURO 2020: This Is a Tourist Destination In The Host City

Tourist Destinations In Host City Euro 2020

Euro 2020 was finally held in June 2021, in which at least 11 stadiums in 11 cities hosted the football match. Interestingly, these 11 selected cities are the traveler’s favorite tourist destinations. Want to know what attractions are interesting there? Here’s the list.

First Stop At Peterhorf Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

Peterhorf Palace’s magnificent palace is a must-visit when watching the 2020 European Cup match in St Petersburg. What is unique in this forging is the presence of a trench that flows directly into the sea. It makes sense, as the palace is located not far from the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Popular Destinations In Host City Euro 2020, Trevi Fountain Roma

This fountain is known to have a myth that if someone put two coins there will soon find a soul mate. But behind the myth, trevi fountain has a design that is no less beautiful. The fountain was built by Italian Nicola Salvi, who was succeeded by Pietro Bracci.

The 26.3-meter tall fountain is the tallest Baroque fountain in Europe. So beautiful, this destination is often the setting for a number of films, one of which is La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini.

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Copenhagen Island, Denmark Yang Sayang Dilewatkan Begitu Saja

From Rome, now we fly to Denmark. The country that is called the happiest country keeps a myriad of beautiful destinations that I if I miss. One of them is Copenhagen Island which is south of copengahen city pier.

This tourist destination is a floating park on 9 artificial islands that have their own functions. Some are used as cafes, gardens, saunas to stilts. Interestingly, the artificial islands are also a new home for a variety of plants.

Enjoying Architectural Art At Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan

Euro 2020 also takes place in Baku City, Azerbaijan. The owner of this fire nation’s nickname is located at the intersection between Iran, Russia and Turkey. Well, Batu City itself is famous for its historical sites. One of them is Heydar Aliyev Center which is a building with a futuristic curved architectural design.

The building was designed by an architect named Zaha Hadid. The Heydar Aliyev Center is named after Heydar Alivey who was the first Soviet secretary and President of Azerbaijan from 1993 to 2003. This building is also a reminder of the construction of the city.

Meet the World Leaders At Madame Tussauds Museum, England

If you haven’t had the chance to meet the world leaders in person, Madame Tussauds Museum could be the choice. The museum has 250 wax figures of world-renowned figures, ranging from Hollywood artists,politicians, footballers to the royal family.

After Watching Euro 2020, Let’s Go to Metropol Parasol, Spain

Travelers can find the world’s largest wooden building in Seville, metropol Parasol. The building in the form of giant mushrooms has a height of 26 meters. Not only unique, this building is also functional loh.

There are shops, markets and concert venues. In addition there is also antiquarium, a museum that collects historical objects of Moorish and Roman heritage. More excitingly, at the top of the building there is a restaurant offering Spanish specialties complete with views of Seville City.

Want to Experience the Feel of Classic Europe? Visit the Palace of Parliament, Romania

Located in Bucharest, Romania, the Palace of Parliament is the second largest administrative center building in the world after the Pentagon. The area is 330,000 square meters and began to be built since 1984 until now has not been completed.

The grandeur of the building can be seen from the 3,000 rooms inside. Travelers can also come on tours to a number of rooms and basements. In addition to touristattractions, this place is also a building for parliament to work.

Museum of Fine Arts, Hungary, Favorite Place for Art Enthusiasts

Budapest in Hungary is famous as the city of world art, that’s where the Museum of Fine Arts stands. Musum is a paradise for art lovers because it stores a variety of works ranging from ancient Egyptian art, paintings and sculptures. In addition, another attraction of this building is its classic 19th-century design.

Your Favorite Team In Uero 2020 Lost? Refresh Your Mind At Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Scotland

If you need a natural and refreshing one, head to Glasgow Botanic Gardens. This legendary botanical garden was established in 1873, where various plants from various countries thrive in it. One of the famous is a greenhouse called Kibble Palace. Inside the greenhouse grows a variety of rare plants, one of which is a unique local orchid.

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A Relaxing Stroll In Masterdam City, The Netherlands Is Also No Less Fun

The streets of Amsterdam alone are quite pleasant. But there is a location suitable for plant lovers. It is a floating flower market called Bloemenmarkt which is on the banks of singel canal which is between Mint Square and Koningsplein Square. These transparent flower stalls sell a variety of plants, including tulips.

Football Fans Must Stop By Bayern Munich, Germany

This tourist destination is a must visit for football lovers, especially Bayern Munich fans. The Bayern Munich Museum is located on the Allianz Arena and inside holds the history of Bayern Munich. Visitors can see the costumes worn by the club from time to time. In addition, there are also trophies that Bayern Munich have won, including when winning the Bundesliga and Champions League.

There are also Bayern Muchen costumes from time to time. Then there are also the trophies that the club has won, including when they won the Bundesliga and Champions League.

Those are the 11 tourist attractions in 11 countries that are hosting the current Euro 2020 event. So in addition to enjoying the game can all travel to his favorite destinations.

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