Exploring Edinburgh the Windy City

Edinburgh the Windy City

Not so many people realize that Edinburgh is actually one of the most gorgeous city in the world with its rocky hills topography, spectacular view of nature, historical places, magical architecture and rich of culture. You get everything worth doing during vacation just by visiting one city. The unique location which is spreading from the hill to the coast making Edinburgh is also well known as windy city. During winter the temperature could be below freezing and during summer, well lets say, 22˚C is not summer temperature but it is actually the highest temperature in summer. So, Edinburgh is not a city you should go if you are looking for the sun. Below is some highlights of this Scotland’s capital that you shouldn’t miss.

Edinburgh Castle

Just like any places in England, Edinburgh also has its own castle. Edinburgh Castle is a fortress since 12th Century and now is one of the popular attraction that you must put on your itinerary. The best part of this castle is since it is used to be fortress it is located in the top hill and towering all over the city so wherever you go inside the city, you will be able to catch the spectacular view. You could join the tour to find out more about the inside of the castle or you could just exploring the surrounding Princes St Garden.

Exploring Edinburgh: Edinburgh's Castle
Exploring Edinburgh: Edinburgh’s Castle

The Royal Mile

Just by walking in the cobblestone street of the Royal Mile you will experience all the magical atmosphere from the historical buildings along the street which blended harmonically with the modern world where you could shop almost everything in this street.

Exploring Edinburgh: The Royal Mile
Exploring Edinburgh: The Royal Mile

Arthur’s Seat

Just walking a bit far from The Royal Mile you will reach Arthur’s Seat where the cobblestone street is changed into a rocky road to admire the city view from above.

Exploring Edinburgh: Arthur's Seat
Exploring Edinburgh: Arthur’s Seat

Royal Yacht Britannia

Perhaps Royal Yacht Britannia is the most famous yacht in the world because it has been the floating residence of Royal Family for 44 years since it was launched for the first time in 1953.

Exploring Edinburgh: Royal Yacht Britannia
Exploring Edinburgh: Royal Yacht Britannia

Calton Hill

One of the best of part of Edinburgh is its rocky topography because through its natural condition, you could get all the advantages like in Calton Hill. Just by standing in this hill you could get all the best perspective of Edinburgh’s grand outlooks like Princes St Garden, Edinburgh Castle up to Arthur’s Seat. One step you take, more views you get.

Exploring Edinburgh: Calton Hill at Sunset
Exploring Edinburgh: Calton Hill at Sunset

National Museum of Scotland

If you are in Europe, making sure to spare some of your time to visit its museum because unlike in other places, museum in Europe offers you not only historical facts but also experience to appreciate art and jaw-dropped architectural design. National Museum of Scotland is one of them, with its outstanding Victorian architecture and more than 20,000 collection of artifacts, you will be able to learn about medieval history up to modern history.

Exploring Edinburgh: National Museum of Scotland
Exploring Edinburgh: National Museum of Scotland

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Not only about the fun side of Edinburgh, visiting Palace of Holyroodhouse with Queen Mary’s Bed Chamber will bring you back to one of the gloomy time of Scotland when the jealous second husband of Mary murdered her rightly in her bed chamber.

Exploring Edinburgh: Palace of Holyroodhouse
Exploring Edinburgh: Palace of Holyroodhouse

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More fun facts about Edinburgh. It is also one of the cities in Europe where some famous writer were born like Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh has its own Writer’s Museum as well as Scottish Poetry Library. Moreover, this windy city is also the city where J.K. Rowling, the famous writer of Harry Potter series is currently living. The Creative Writing major in University of Edinburgh is one of the best in Europe.

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