Fascinating Stories Behind 5 Famous Street in Singapore

Famous Street in Singapore

When visiting a country most what you’re looking for the first time? The list could be endless from touristy destinations, foods, natural wonders and many more. However, have you ever wondered about the stories behind some places you’ve visited, like why the street has a certain name which is a bit strange in your ear? If you visit Singapore, these five streets are supposed to be on your itinerary list but before that let’s learn about the fascinating stories behind the name of those Singapore’s famous street.

Ang Mo Kio – 1 of Famous Street in Singapore

Ang Mo Kio is Hokkien language which has literal meaning ‘red-haired man bridge’. There are two versions of the story, the first version is the word ‘ang mo’ also could be translated into westerners who built the bridge and the second version is an urban legend with sad story. A British woman named Lady Jennifer Windsor lost her three children. It said the two of the three were found in a flash of blood while the other one remains missing. Then, Lady Windsor in the hope of finding her daughter she spend the rest of her life on the bridge.

Singapore's Famous Street - Ang Mo Kio
Famous Street in Singapore – Ang Mo Kio

Bugis Street

Bugis Street once upon a time was a neighborhood where Buginese, the traders from Indonesia were settling in during their visit in Singapore. Since then the name stuck. The story behind the street is also as fascinating as the history because around 1950 this street was where a scene of prostitution is taken place and transgender events were hosted in the middle of the night. Now, the street has been facing what people so called as modernism, where you could find the row of small shops selling souvenirs.

Singapore's Famous Street - Bugis Street
Famous Street in Singapore – Bugis Street

Middle Road

The meaning of middle road is as literal as the story behind it. The location of the road which is between two different neighborhoods, European and Asian is the reason behind why the name is middle road.

Singapore's Famous Street - Middle Road
Famous Street in Singapore – Middle Road

Orchard Road – One of Famous Street in Singapore

Surely, you’ve known that Orchard Road is like the iconic street of Singapore. Your journey is not complete if you’re not visiting this street. Now, this street is packed with malls, branded boutiques, restaurants and many more. It’s like this road is the center of everything where tourists and the locals are blending harmonically. However, do you know that once upon a time, most of areas in Orchard Road were graveyard? Those graveyards were demolished to develop the MRT Station and Ngee Ann City, while the name Orchard comes from the fact that this street once also packed with fruit trees and orchards.

Singapore's Famous Street - Orchard Road
Famous Street in Singapore – Orchard Road

Smith Street

The unique thing about this street is where the name ‘Smith’ has nothing to do with both Chinese or Malay but since 1920s this street was already packed with food stalls and you could say that the popularity of the street as Food Street remains the same until now. Smith street is one of the streets you should visit to enjoy traffic-free street food. One warning, this street now is so popular among tourists who love foods and want to experience the best cuisine in Singapore, so it’s always packed with tourists but you don’t need to worry since the options are a lot, this street is worth a visit.

Singapore's Famous Street - Smith Street
Famous Street in Singapore – Smith Street

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Each street has its own story and history and those five famous streets in Singapore are just some examples. Learn about the story behind the name of the streets will give you a new perspective when visiting the place, it’s like you’re not going to see the street the same again after learning about its past.

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