Netherlands : Volendam Village, Windmills and a Thousand Stunning Canals

Netherlands : Volendam Village, Windmills and a Thousand Canals

Land of colorful Tulips, the land of beautiful Windmills. So about the response that deserves to be given, if anyone asks how the Netherlands. The vast country is no bigger than East Java Province, although small, but has so many objects that you can admire. Starting from the great existence of this country which is 3 meters below sea level. Up to a variety of beautiful scenery. If the traveller has planned to go there, here are the must-visit destinations that can even be reached in a day. Check, let’s go.

Beautiful Fishing Village, Volendam Village

Located 20 KM from Amsterdam, it is also easily accessible by public transportation making this beautiful village even more perfect if it is used as a tourist destination. Located in the Province of North Holland, the village is touted as the Old Town.

Here, typical Dutch houses by the sea are still very well maintained. This traditional wooden plank house has no fence and the distance from one house to another is adjacent. Each house is painted according to the color that the occupants of the house are interested in, but still has some details of uniformity, making this village so eye-catching. With a lawn mostly owned by homeowners, it creates its own warmth that always attracts tourists to visit this village of 16,800 inhabitants.

Beautiful Fishing Village, Volendam Village

There’s a shop–a more precise photo studio–that manages to attract tourists to come there.

This shop offers visitors to take pictures wearing the legendary traditional Dutch dress, Kleder Dracht.

The photos that become documentation of the store will usually be displayed in front of the storefront. Interesting, even a number of figures from Indonesia have taken pictures here. Like politician Rano Karno and Senior Singer, Titiek Puspa.

Need to spend 15 Euros to be able to feel the sensation of being a real ‘Dutch’. Every detail will be neatly installed by the waiter. From clothes to accessories.

And, this traditional dress is still used by some people in Volendam Village,lo. Most are women. They, using these clothes to go to the fields. Volendam village is still keeping their traditions once, and that’s what makes it interesting. Knowing how a country used to be, it really feels cool when boredom with this increasingly modern era.

Coupled with its existence which despite being by the sea, this village does not smell fishy. In fact it is very clean and the atmosphere is nice with a cool beach breeze.

Zaanse Schans, a Place where Windmills Soothe The Eyes

Dutch impression is so attached in this village which is 25 KM from Volendam. In a year at least one million tourists come to visit this village. Its main allure is the presence of eight windmills close to each other. Indeed, in fact many countries also have windmills mushrooming everywhere. However, only the Dutch still preserve windmills until now.

Zaanse Schans, The Place where the Windmills

Since the 13th century the Dutch have been using windmills to pump the sea so that land is formed. Now, some windmills in Zaanse Schans are still in use, some are not. One of the functions is De Kat Windmill. This windmill used to be operated to produce artificial dye powder and now, its function is as an educational tourist spot. By paying 4 Euros or about RP. 65,000-, visitors can see firsthand how this wheel works.

In this village you can also use a boat to get around the village, walk through each canal while enjoying its interesting traditional. Satisfy your destination.

Amsterdam, City of a Thousand Canals

The capital of Windmill Country also holds a variety of tourist options. One of them is, visit the town square, Dam Square. Despite being the busiest and busiest city compared to other cities in the Netherlands, the square in this city of bicycle users and pedestrians is still king. You can also play and feed the pigeons, which often beautify the city.

amsterdam city of a thousand canals

Then, as a country that is below sea level, the tour down the river becomes the main attraction. Enjoying an hour’s drive around the city from the boat is not to be missed. Feel for yourself how amazed this city below sea level has never sunk thanks to all the technology and dams that will work automatically when heavy rains occur.

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It’s also a must for you, to enjoy Amsterdam’s favorite snacks, Fish and Chips and french fries paired with mayonnaise and lemon.

In fact, you will be so immersed by the various beauty that exists in this Land of Windmills. One day feels quickly passed, but the memories of how beautiful the places above will always remain unforgettable. Ready to go there?

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