Tourist Attractions In Argentina, Maradona’s Home Country

Tourist Places In Argentina

Geographically Argentina is blessed with a diverse range of regions, from hot deserts to dense, humid forests. This region of Maradona’s home country stretches from the subtropical north to the Subantartic region of Patagonia in the south of the Americas.

The country also offers art, cultural heritage and architectural diversity. If tourists want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere with a very thick European feel, Buenos Aires is the best place. Argentina also has natural wonders that can’t be found in other countries. Wondering which tourist destinations to go to while on holiday in Argentina? Check out the list below.

Iguazu, Waterfalls On the Border of Argentina And Brazil

Iguazu Falls

This stunning waterfall is located in the Iguazu National Park area that stretches across the border of Argentina and Brazil. Formed from 150 to 300 streams of water along 3 km, the waterfall has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tourists will be amazed by the flow of waterfalls 60 to 82 meters high.

In addition, tourists can also approach the waterfall through the pedestrian jalun access that has been provided. If you are interested, this place can be reached easily if you have an international driving license or a licencia de conducir internacional, as many transportations offer routes to Iguazu waterfall.

Perito Merino, The Amazing Glestser In Maradona Country

Glester di Perito Merino

Perito Merino is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that can be found in Argentina. The glester is located in the small town of El Calafate, more precisely in Los Glaciares National Park. Tourists can choose accommodation and other facilities to come to this place.

Tourists will not be disappointed by the huge 30-metre-long ice formation. Diego Maradona’s home country also holds the world’s largest freshwater reserves. The name Perito Merino itself was chosen as a form of homage to the inventor named, Mr. Francisco Pascasio Moreno.

If you want to climb to the top of the glacier, there is also an ice trekking tour that usually lasts for an hour. Another sight to enjoy in Los Glaciares National Park is Monte Fitz Roy. A mountain stretching between Argentina and Chile at 3,359 meters, it is also known for its more difficult climbs than Everest.

Patagonia, The End of the World In Diego Maradona Country


Patagonia at the southern tip of Argentina is famous for its spectacular panorama. The combination of the Andes and other highlands is capable of creating dramatic scenic views. Most tourists will start their adventure from Ushuaia which is the southernmost city on earth.

It was originally a special place for convicts, but since the early 20th century it has been famous as a tourist town. The city, also known as the gateway to Antarctica, is surrounded by mountains, forests on the edge of Tierra del Fuego National Park, to glaciers and the sea.

Unique flora and fauna are also ready to enchant the pawa tourists who come. One of the most interesting is the End of the World Lighthouse which is a lighthouse. There is also a world-end museum, which looks at the region’s natural history. From the penal colonies to the natives who inhabit the area.

Those are the three most spectacular tourist attractions in Maradona’s country of birth. So, in addition to the streets in the center of the capital Buenos Aires, you can explore other corners of the maradona country that offer other beauties.

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