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When traveling for a long time, our routine is often outdoors of course. This unwittingly makes the condition of the skin, hair, and lips are not the same as before. Extreme cold weather or sunburn can be a problem. To solve it, do the easy way below!

Sunburned skin

Who can resist the waves and breezy wind by the beach? Without feeling, for hours your skin is exposed to sunlight. Reddened, hot and painful skin often occurs.

Solution:Always use sunscreen before doing activities in the sun. If the skin is already burning, chill it with blocks of ice to soothe the sore skin and return it to normal temperature. Don’t forget to apply a special moisturizer or cream after sunbathing with aloe vera content. The substance contained in the aloe vera plant, potent to help the healing process of burning skin.

Dehydrated skin

The cold climate easily makes the skin dry and scaly. If left unchecked the skin condition can get worse, such as ‘cracked’.

Solution: Avoid harsh skin care products such as soap with abundant foam. Better, choose a soap rich moisturizer. To clean your face, use cleansing milk and a refresher. For the skin of the body apply olive oil on the surface of the skin before bathing. It is recommended to take a bath with a soak in warm water without using soap. Then when drying with a towel, avoid too hard when rubbing the body. For body moisturizer choose the type of body butter to moisturize the skin deeper.

Broken lips broken

Too hot or too cold weather affects the appearance of the lip area. As a result the lips become dry and chapped.

Solution:Remove dead skin cells in the lip area using brown sugar and water. Rub brown sugar on the lips until it feels softer. Another option, combine olive oil and honey, apply on the lips before going to bed.

Dry hair

Prolonged sun exposure results in dehydration of the hair, resulting in dryness, brittleness and easy loss. The combination of sea water and chlorine does not feel to make the condition of the hair become more uncomfortable. Finally, it is not uncommon to take shortcuts by tying or making hair become cepolan when traveling.

Solution:Avokad is believed to provide the moisture that hair needs while providing proteins that strengthen each strand. To get maximum moisture, mix the avocad with wheat-germ oil and joboba oil. Apply on all signs, let stand for a minute, then wash the hair. Don’t forget to include conditioner and serum when shampooing to brighten the hair light.

Striped Skin

Discolored skin in only a few parts of the body, for example in sandal lines or tank top lines, certainly also interferes with the appearance.

Solution: Exfoliate or scrubbing once every two days. Devoted to the striped area. You can do it yourself at home using scrub products containing bengkuang, milk, and lemon that are efficacious to brighten the skin. Add a mask with the same content and sunscreen to protect the skin every day.

Dry Foot Skin & Broken HeelBroken

Too cold or very hot weather can make the skin of the feet very dry and the heel cracked, although already using moisturizing cream.

Solution:1. Avoid shoes that are small or oversized, which will make the skin of the foot swiped and add cracked on the heel. 2. Exfoliate thickened skin. Use pumice stones or the right special tool to rub your feet. 3. Soak the feet with warm water given salt. After that, apply again moisturiser.

Hopefully help those tips to look beautiful home traveling
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