Still Dazzling Amid Turmoil, This Destination In Palestine Is Rarely Exposed But Alluring

Still Dazzling Amid Turmoil, This Destination In Palestine Is Rarely Exposed But Alluring

Once the first qibla for Muslims, Palestine became one of the countries that kept the history of Islamic civilization. This country in the Middle East region has a State Capital named Ramallah.

Despite being in the shadow of Israel, Palestine never loses its charm. Not a few citizens in conflict areas are victims of Israeli attacks. In addition to the fatalities, not a few places end up flattened to the ground.

Then is there still a beautiful place in this conflicting country? Of course there is! Residents there can still live normal lives despite their limitations. Usually, they also take time to vacation totourist attractions in the country. Well, here comes the stunning destination in Palestine.

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Al-Aqsa Mosque Steeped in Islamic History

This place of worship of Muslims is one of the holy places for Muslims. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is included in the compound of holy buildings located in Jerusalem’s Old City. The mosque that began to open in 705 AD is historically the place where the events of Isra Mi’raj experienced by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Gaza Beach, a Favorite Destination On the Palestinian And Israeli Borders

If you want to visit the beach, tourists can visit Gaza Beach which is located around the GazaStrip. This beach is one of the favorite destinations because of its beautiful panorama. But because of its location on thePalestinian-Israeliborder, it is not uncommon for this coastal area to be crowded by military groups.

Enjoy the Beautiful Mediterranean Sea From Akka’s Old Town

Akka’s Old Town is located on the Israeli-Palestinian border and is home to a number of people who still maintain their ancestral cultural culture. Here, tourists can visit and enjoy the panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea.

The old town is the site of the oldest human-inhabited city in the world. In the past, Akka’s Old Town was once a stronghold for crusaders. However, his power was eventually seized by Napolean Bonaperte, an Emperor of France.

Deir Ghassana, The Amazing Old City of Palestine

The city of Deir Ghassana is located in the northern part of Ramallah, West Bank and is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Palestine. Tourists can find ancient houses built of stone and have stood since the 18th century.

In each corner of the house there are old wells that are not only used as water storage, as well as for storing grain and olive oil. Food ingredients are stored in wells to reserve during the panceklik season or in case of war.

In addition to touristdestinations, visitors can also try a variety of typical Palestinian cuisine that certainly further completes the holiday moment in this Muslim country.

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