Safe Holiday Tips With Unvaccinated Children

Tips for a Safe Holiday with Children

Almost all children in Indonesia have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The increase in COVID-19 cases itself is known one of them because of the large number of people who are still not vaccinated. Children are one of them, because there is no COVID-19 vaccine intended for children under 12 years old. Reporting from CNN, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during the holidays is very related to the destination, close contact and what is done. Well, here are tips for safe holidays with your baby:

Risks of COVID-19 for Children

When talking about COVID and unvaccinated children, two types of risks must be considered, namely the direct risk to children and the risk of transmission to others. Most children do not have severe diseases that can potentially be a participant of COVID-19. In addition, cases of COVID-19 deaths in children are much less.

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However, the case persists and some children also experience prolonged COVID-19. So when the risk is low for children, transmission to unvaccinated children and adults is still a serious concern.

Is road travel safer than airplanes?

Holidays will make a person meet other people more often. That is, it also increases the possibility of contracting COVID-19. When flying, you will likely meet people from various regions and even the world when you are at the airport or plane. Fortunately, there are still no cases of transmission in the aviation world. In general, traveling by car tends to be safer. Because, the exposure is limited in the resting place.

Holiday Destinations Also Affect Risk

One that should be considered is the rate of cases of COVID-19 transmission in the intended destination. When cases increase, the rate of transmission can also be said to be high. In recent weeks, the highest rates of COVID transmission have been seen in communities with low vaccination rates. One way to assess the risk of certain destinations safe or not is to compare the latest COVID and vaccination rates in the region.

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What activities are safer?

In essence, indoor activities will be more risky, because the virus can float in the air for some time. But what is also worth noting is the long intense communication when outdoors. Sitting a few hours in a stadium, attending a festival or music concert is also very risky. Especially if you don’t wear a mask and the vaccination rate is still low.

How to Lower The Risk Of Infection During The Holidays?

There’s no right answer to this question. Travel certainly increases exposure to children and adults who have not been vaccinated. It’s important to remember that vaccination is just one way to reduce your risk. Others are by the discipline of wearing a mask and following other regulations to prevent transmission of the virus.

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