Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Bag

Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Bag

Wise to choose a travel bag not only so that it can load luggage as needed, it can also facilitate travel while giving a plus to the style and appearance. Different places to go, different types of travel bags are carried. Here are tips on choosing the right travel bag according to the goods to be carried and the purpose of travel.

1. Wheeled Luggage Bag

When on vacation with full family members, wheeled luggage bags are a great choice. In addition to being able to load a large amount of clothes, the space that is still available can be used to bring souvenirs.

This type of travel bag is also a mandatory companion for business trips or tours with a considerable distance. Although fairly practical, this wheeled suitcase should be used in flat surface areas only, such as paved roads.

The number of wheels also affects the practicality when carrying luggage. Four-wheeled suitcases may feel lighter, and two-wheeled suitcases will be easier to pull on sloping surfaces when used for walking.

2. Travel Tote Bag

In accordance with its function that is often used for weekends, this bag is also dubbed weekender bag. This carry-on bag is highly recommended for weekend gateaways, vacationing to tourist attractions that are not too far away. Large luggage contents are able to accommodate the needs of a short trip. Travel Bag is usually identical to a vacation to the beach area, because it is suitable when you just want to bring some clothes and toiletries.

In general, these bags are made of material that tends to be thin, making it possible to be folded so that it can be used as an additional cabin bag. Some brands of this bag also equip with additional straps, so that not only carried, this travel bag can also be used by slinging.

When often carrying a makeup tool or perfume in a glass container, choose a travel tote that has additional padding so that the contents of the bag are protected. Travel bags with special features such as zippers and pockets that are easy to reach can also be very helpful.

3. Travelers Wheeled Laptop Bag

This travel bag is recommended for short business trips that usually contain one-two pieces of formal wear, laptops and office files. This bag that features storage space with thick foam makes it possible to carry the laptop safely. Although the shape is boxy and rigid, but will not bother storing it, because the small shape is designed specifically for the size of the cabin.

In addition to being most suitable for use during business trips because it can fit formal clothes and laptops neatly, this bag can also be used as an additional space. Just pile it on the handle of a large wheeled suitcase for easy carrying.

4. Duffel Bag

Bags that are popular with sports athletes are usually carried for travel with sports activities because they are identical to bags that are lightweight, easy to carry and can be stored anywhere. Its soft outer surface allows the bag to be easily inserted into aircraft, train and even bus cabins. This bag is also commonly used for short trips on weekends.

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Considering this bag will feel heavy and troublesome when carried for too long, now there are many duffel bags designed with wheels or trolleys so that it is easier to carry and remain flexible to put in the cabin space.

More tips

  • To get a strong suitcase handle, look at the inside of the suitcase. A strong suitcase handle usually gives more space on the inside. Specifically duffel bags, the swiping handles of the two bars are usually stronger than those with only one bar.
  • Hard polycarbonate suitcases do provide more protection for the contents in the bag. However, the bag can usually only hold a small amount of goods compared to canvas bags.
  • Try a suitcase with colors and motifs to quickly recognize your own bag from afar when the bag must be joined with dozens of other suitcases while in the conveyor belt.

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