Tourism-Staycation, Here are the Post-Pandemic Travel Trends

Nature Tourism-Staycation, Here are the Post-Pandemic Travel Trends

Pandemics have changed people’s lifestyles, including post-pandemic travel trends. In the midst of the outbreak of the virus as it is today, people generally prefer a safe way of vacation and are more concerned about health care.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, predicts ecotourism (ecotourism) and health tourism (wellness tourism) will be the type of tourism that people are looking for. Moreover, this type of tourism can also awaken the tourism sector and creative economy in Indonesia.

In addition to these two types of tourism, various other travel trends also appeared a lot. Like the following holiday trends that will continue after the pandemic.


The term staycation has become more familiar to the ears since the pandemic spread in Indonesia. Staycation itself is a frugal and practical holiday trend because there is no need to go out of town or abroad. Vacation in this way is interpreted by enjoying a vacation by staying overnight in hotels, villas and resorts.

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This one vacation option is suitable for those who are still afraid to go on a long vacation, but want a little refreshing. To keep the staycation safe, be sure to choose lodging that has received CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability) by the Ministry of Tourism and

Domestic Tourism

Still the outbreak of the corona virus and the strict regulations of travel abroad make many people choose to travel within the country. Tourism in Java and Bali is one of the favorites.

In addition to being close, many demostic tours have been certified CHSE. Some domestic tourist destinations that can be visited are, Cibuntu Tourism Village in West Java, Mas Tourism Village in Bali to Rammang-Rammang Tourism Village located in South Sulawesi. Besides being able to explore the natural beauty of the country itself, here tourists also get the experience of making khad crafts to the culinary and culture of the local community.

Nature Tourism

The next post-pandemic tourism trend is natural tourism, because people prefer outdoor tours that have good air. Not only that, natural tourism also offers panorama and cool and beautiful atmosphere so as to make the mind fresher.

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Outdoor Dining

Holidays not only to recreational parks or natural tourist destinations, but also culinary. No wonder why the concept of outdoor dining is said to be a post-pandemic tourist trend. Outdoor dining is eating together outdoors. This eating concept is considered safer because of its open air circulation.

Those are some of the post-pandemic tourism trends that are predicted to continue. Ahar is safer make sure to always apply prokes and immediately follow vaccinations at the nearest health facility.

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