Travel Tips During Pandemic, Safe And Comfortable

Travel Tips During Pandemic, Safe And Comfortable

Travel tips during the pandemic is indeed one of the most searched in google search engine. Because the holiday itself has become one of the needs for a person to achieve a balance of life.

Unfortunately, during the current pandemic many tourist destinations are temporarily closed. However, after entering the adaptation period of new habits or new normal, a number of tourist attractions have begun to open to tourists.

Although corona virus is still spreading everywhere and makes us have to be at home, it does not mean traveling becomes impossible. There are times when we desperately need refreshing, but of course we have to meet the established health protocols.

Holiday Tips During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current holiday conditions are very different from the days before the pandemic. That’s why the itinerary should be arranged as solely as possible. To help you plan your trip, here are some tips for your pandemic vacation to be safe and comfortable.

Before Departure

Before leaving for the holidays, make sure the development of Covid-19 cases as well as local government policies. Also make sure that the place you are going to does not apply lockdown, because it will complicate your holiday trip.

Not only that, the inn must be checked first if it has implemented health protocols correctly. This is very important, especially if the holiday with a family that is at high risk of being infected with Covid-19.

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Influenza vaccines are also one of the recommended before going on holiday. Indeed, it can not fight coronavirus, but it can at least protect itself from influenza viruses.

Last but not least, it is to create a itinerary that is adapted to the current conditions. Make sure the intended destination is safe and does not cause crowds. Wet wipes, masks, hand sanitizers and other antiseptic supplies should not be missed!

Travel Tips During Pandemic On Public Transportation

When arriving on the day of departure, and on board, train, or other modes of transportation, make sure your seat has been sanitized. If you can, stay seated with the rest of the family and keep wearing a mask.

Cleaning wipes can also be brought to ensure the cleanliness of the seat surface area, seat belts, or seat backs. If your destination requires a short trip, try not to eat and drink on the way. Because removing the mask is at high risk of exposure to corona virus.

After Arriving At The Destination

Even if you reach your destination, don’t forget to always apply health protocols. For example, when out of the inn always use a mask, wash clothes after visiting tourist destinations.

In fact, you can spray the room of the place to stay with antiseptic if you are not sure about sanitation from the management. Immediately bathing and changing clothes and cleaning luggage is also highly recommended.

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Pandemic does teach a new lifestyle, one of which is about eating. To avoid or minimize exposure to Covid-19, it is recommended to eat in the room where you are staying only. Those are some travel tips during the pandemic that you can apply. It is a little troublesome, but they are very useful to protect yourself from the risk of being infected with Covid-19.

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