Travelling Safely In The Rainy Season, Take a Look at These Tips

Travelling Safely In The Rainy Season

Currently, Indonesia is being hit by the rainy season to cause flooding everywhere, even arguably floods that are hitting some areas in Indonesia is quite severe. However, rain is not an obstacle for those of you who want to travel. You can still do that in the rainy season, although it’s a bit different to the dry season.

When traveling in the rainy season, you need extra preparation that must be considered in order for your traveling activities to run smoothly and safely. Here are some tips that you can apply when traveling in the rainy season. Curious? Let’s take a good look at ya

Monitor weather conditions in places where traveling is

Monitor weather conditions in places where traveling is

Before going traveling, you must know the weather conditions at the intended tourist attractions. You can use the gadget to know the weather information by visiting bmkg website. Pay attention to detailed weather information ranging from hourly weather forecasts, to the percentage of potential rain. Don’t forget to monitor the potential omabk if you intend to vacation to the beach or mountain status if you want to climb.

Prioritize choosing a destination to travel indoors

In this rainy season, the safest destination for traveling is indoor tourism. This is done so that your activities are not disturbed. Some indoor attractions that can be visited during the rainy season such as art exhibitions, museums, malls to playgrounds that are indoors. Even so, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel outdoors. You can still but you have to be careful.

Prepare mandatory equipment to protect yourself from the rain

personal protection from weather

When deciding to travel in the rainy season, you must bring rain protection equipment such as umbrellas, raincoats, plastic boots, flip-flops, plastic, and waterproof cell phone places. In addition, you are also obliged to prepare jackets and change of clothes just in case.

Consumption of vitamins to maintain endurance

During the rainy season, the body’s endurance is usually easy to fall due to extreme temperature changes. Therefore, maintaining the health of the body is important, especially when going travelling in the rainy season. Try to eat on time, exercise regularly, consume nutritious foods and do not forget to consume vitamin C to increase the immune system to keep the body’s endurance good.

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Bring medicines

Traveling in the rainy season needs extra preparation, one of which carries a first aid box along with light medicines such as flu medicine, headache medicine, scrub oil, cold herbs, eucalyptus oil and others. These two things can be first aid if in the middle of traveling something unexpected happens. In addition, you should also consider travel insurance to avoid unexpected risks and costs.

Choose a place to eat that provides a warm menu

When traveling in the rainy season and in the middle of the trip you feel hungry, you should choose a place to eat that serves a menu of food and warm drinks such as wedang ronde, wedang jahe angsle, soto, bakso, and other warm food menus that are suitable for consumption in the rainy season.

Bring more money in the form of cash

Bring more money in the form of cash

Generally, every trip must be something outside our plans. Therefore, when traveling, never to bring money fitting. You have to bring more money just in case something goes out of the way.

For example, the intended tourist attractions can be reached only by motorcycle, but we bring a car. So, inevitably we have to rent a motorcycle to get to the destination. In addition, try to bring money in cash so that you do not have to go to the ATM to pick up money.

Now those are the tips that you can apply if you want to travel in the rainy season. Even though it’s raining, you can still travel to the intended tourist attractions, but you have to be careful. This is because the conditions in the rainy season are very different from the conditions in the dry season. Don’t let your vacation have an impact on your health. Healthy is expensive.

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