Become a Free Holiday Hunter Abroad

Become a Free Holiday Hunter Abroad

Who wouldn’t want to go on holiday abroad? Almost everyone will want to go on holiday abroad. Yes, going abroad is the dream of many Indonesians. Vacationing abroad gives you its own prestige.

But many people also buried the dream because of the cost. For those of you who have such dreams, don’t rush to bury them. There are several ways that you can do so that the dream of vacationing abroad can be achieved without the cost of a free alias. Here are some tips obtained from various sources:

  1. Look for scholarships abroad. There is a lot of scholarship information ranging from undergraduate to doctoral education. You can take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad as well as for a vacation. In addition to being able to visit various places in the country where you study, you can also vacation to neighboring countries for a low fee. Another way besides scholarship is to participate in student exchange programs, training, or courses. This way is very suitable and most in demand for those who are still a student and student.
  2. Take advantage of social media and mass media. Usually on social media and mass media quizzes are held that prize holidays abroad. In addition, products such as chocolate also give a raffle that prizes holidays abroad. The odds are very small, but you can give it a try and good luck.
  3. For those of you who are entrepreneurial, you can try to become a selling agent for products such as beauty products. These products sometimes reward their agents if they have reached their sales targets.
  4. Finding a job that can get you abroad for free is like being a journalist, diplomat, flight attendant, and so on.
  5. Enter contests or contests that are holiday prizes abroad, such as writing competitions, photography competitions, and so on.
  6. Do you have a high social soul? If you do, you can volunteer in another country. Volunteers don’t always smell catastrophic, you can be an environmental volunteer, a development volunteer for a disadvantaged area, and so on.
  7. For those of you who love to write, pour your writing on the blog. Make the writing different and as interesting as possible with the actual theme. Then promote your blog. If a lot of people love to read it, it’s not impossible to get a chance to be invited abroad.
  8. Use your talents like singing, playing musical instruments, and painting. Many musicians and artists can go abroad for free with their talents.

Those are some tips you can use. Some of the above tips are conditional, meaning you can suddenly get that opportunity. In order not to rush into preparing for departure, it would be better if you had prepared it early.

You can start creating passports, learn the colloquial language and culture of your destination country, and ask people who have made it abroad. And remember most importantly don’t be easily discouraged and stay eager looking for opportunities. Good luck and good luck!

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