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10 Most Romantic City in the World Travel

Apparently, Paris is not the only country that is romantic in the world. Insight Vacation, a travel agency in Singapore in a press release said there were 10 tourist cities in several countries as a romantic city in the world.

Ten cities that include:

01. Venice

The city of Venice in Italy can not be forgotten as a romantic city in the world. In this city, there is a gondola passing under the canal, canalside cafes, galleries, churches until the basilica of St. Mark also so romantic attention of its own.

02. Heidelberg

Turner describes the Heidelberg greeting golden radiance, Goethe roam large garden and Mark Twain wrote his experiences, A Tramp Abroad. but Heidelberg still stores various romantic vibe in district Altstadt (old town). Castle terracotta-colored, high-rise buildings, and a variety of restaurants, with a variety of beautiful landscaping.

03. Rajasthan

An area that has many forts and palaces, deserts and forests. Rajasthan is the area that extreme. You can try a camel ride and the surrounding local area, or sail around the lake in the mountains Abu Nakki. This is the location where the Indian maharaja enjoy her break time.

04. Greece

The beauty of whitewashed houses in Greece is already well known everywhere. Coupled with the white church decorated with flowers create a romantic imagination immediately imagined it in the rhythm of the song Akritic and Klephtic. Sapphire blue expanse of sea feast for the eyes.

05. New York

Popular cities in the United States is regarded as a metropolitan city and the modern world. However, the city is also regarded as a romantic city. The city is to host a bookstore, art gallery, book, boutiques and bars. This town so a great melting pot of the world with a modern style.

06. Paris

As London is the meeting place of many cultures. Eiffel Tower, Arc de Trimphe, Notre Dame and the Champs Elusees is the iconic place that can be visited. However, their sidewalk cafe that can be enjoyed while looking at the Eiffel Tower or other buildings, and the number of markets where you buy trinkets, cooking courses, to restaurants Bois de Boulogne park is so French kings hunting can be visited.

07. Mostar

Medieval towers, old houses, rivers and small streets a romantic-style 16th century by the Ottoman be the main point of attention in this area. In addition to spending a variety of clothing, you can also enjoy a variety of food from a restaurant with waiters dressed in traditional or from sellers on a side street in the beautiful countryside in the Balkans.

08. Fes

Formerly, Fes is the capital of Morocco until 1925. The city has ornamentation, towers and fountains were built from the Middle Ages. No doubt this gives beauty tersebduru for visitors. Visit also Fes el Bali (the old city of Fes) which is one of the largest car-free version of UNESCO. This area is one area that offers fun upscale, yet traditional.

09. Budapest

Budapest is a cultural mix of baroque, art noveau, art deco and other styles. Budapest has a seriousness and creativity in each side. In the basement, there are hot springs that are used to relax the people in the Roman era. This hot water is claimed to rejuvenate the skin. After relaxing, upscale restaurant with western food or traditional restaurants can also be an option.

10. Barcelona

The city is known for the many romantic restaurants and bars. After a walk in the park Gaudi, entrance to the Sagrada Familia, and explore some of the world-class galleries, make sure you look at the Picasso museum. Afterwards you can enjoy a glass of cava and a plate of tapas.

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