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20 Most Beautiful Country in the World


Rough Guide announces the 20 most beautiful countries in the world. The results, obtained from a poll of readers Rough Guide. Countries that enter the United Kingdom, Scotland, occupy the top position. Meanwhile, a country known for its resident friendliness, Canada, is in second place.

The beautiful landscape makes the city of Edinburgh city tops the list. “Who can resist the wild beaches, the inner bay and the ancient castles to be the most amazing and beautiful scenery in the world,” wrote the Rough Guide.

Meanwhile, neighboring country, Britain, occupies the seventh position and Wales is in position 10. And Indonesia occupies the sixth position as the most beautiful country in the world, after the South African country and under it there is the United Kingdom.

VisitScotland Executive Director, Malcolm Roughead, believes that the title will make Scotland more known. “We are very pleased that Scotland has received an outstanding award from readers of the Rough Guide, but of course it will not be a surprise for anyone who has ever been to our beautiful country,” Roughead.

“From the beautiful scenery to the stunning historic places, down to the bustling but beautiful city center, Scotland makes people unnerved,” he said.

“Our latest campaign, Spirit of Scotland, is based on the experience of visitors who get their special juices while in Scotland … there’s always something different about Scotland that they can not feel anywhere in the world.”

“Of course, beautiful scenery is followed by great responsibility, and we encourage both visitors and their citizens to appreciate Scotland’s natural assets by protecting and caring for future generations,” Roughead said.

Here are 20 most beautiful countries Rough Guide version:

1. Scotland
2. Canada
3. New Zealand
4. Italy
5. South Africa
6. Indonesia
7. England
8. Iceland
9. United States
10. Wales
11. Slovenia
12. Mexico
13. India
14. Finland
15. Switzerland
16. Peru
17. Norway
18. Ireland
19. Croatia
20. Vietnam

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