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You’re looking for tourist destinations which presents the beauty of the city at the same time spectacular natural scenery? South Island in the southern part of New Zealand could become an attractive tourist destination. The island was popular with the diversity of the tourism potential. The natural beauty of the Alps mountain formed by the meeting of the Pacific and Australian plates.

If you have an adventurous spirit, it is very suitable to visit the tourist area is very wild. In addition, a tourist destination also has views of the city inspiring and energetic. Friendly welcome local residents keep you cozy and comfortable for long in this tourist area. So you will be hooked to come back to this captivating tourist attractions.

This tourist adventure can begin with a visit to the largest city in the area of ​​this island is the city of Christchurch. The city has the third highest population in the southern part of the island of New Zealand. Christchurch city is the main entrance of tourists, precisely in the area of ​​Canterbury Plains. This region is famous for fertile alluvium composed of sediment that have had millions of years old.

In the area of ​​Christchurch city, you will see the beauty of the culture kontenporer integrated beautifully with a fascinating historical heritage. Exciting experience you can get when visiting Re: Start Mall. Shopping center once the entertainment center was founded by the former container material which has a variety of colors. The use of unusual materials is certainly a unique presented the mall.

Re: Start Mall is overflowing spirit Christchurch residents who wish to build a business center after an earthquake hit the city when in 2011 ago. You can find a variety of outlets with a variety of interesting products. You can find fashion to furniture daily with local brands or brands that are popular internationally.

This unique mall provides a coffee shop and restaurant that always show entertainment presented from various local artists. The existence of these artists really adds to the atmosphere of friendliness and beauty of the city of Christchurch. Building design Re: Start Mall is very innovative and high quality, so that it can deliver a pleasant shopping experience and unique for the traveler.

Queenstown and Central Otago

Not only the city of Christchurch that perform beautifully, another city that surrounds it also gives amazing charm. Queenstown and Central Otago is the other interesting cities that can be visited. The city known as the Central Otago Pinot Noir which is high-quality wine. You can enjoy the quality wines and visiting wineries and wine plantations. The city is also popular as a gold mine in the past, so you can also feel panning for gold and see relics of ancient machinery in the mine area.

Central Otago Rail Trail you can use to visit the flower meadow and Lake Dunstan. Whereas when you visit the Queenstown region, adventurous spirit you will find the right vehicle. Because in this area there are a lazy river rafting, horseback riding, canyon swinging, skydiving, jumping bunggee and other interesting games. Regions filming of The Lord of the Rings to visit the shopping center also you can do. “Tourism Entertainment”

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