Get Paid During Holiday with Australia Working Holiday Visa

Holiday with Australia Working Holiday Visa

What is the different of work travel and working while travelling? Some people may steal some times during their work travel to do the sightseeing around the city but what is the point of working during travelling? Well, perhaps it is the time for you to change your perspective a bit because in Australia, you could get paid during your travel there as long as you are eligible to apply for the Australia working holiday visa.

What is Australia Working Holiday Visa?

In short, this visa is not only allowed you to enter Australia for whatever you want to do in the city from sightseeing up to surfing the ocean but this visa also allowed to apply for a job and get paid. Furthermore, the perk of having this visa is you could stay longer in Australia than regular holiday visa.

Who are Eligible for Applying the Visa?

Surely not everyone could apply for this visa, so you cannot take the whole family to join you because only those who have reached age 18 – 30 could apply for this visa. However, it is preferably if you are coming from eligible country like UK, USA, Canada, Western Europe, Japan and Korea. If you’re not from one of those country, you don’t need to worry too much as long as you can speak English and then there is always a chance for you, especially if you’re having degree with specific skill.

Working in Hospitality Field

Working in Hospitality Field

How Long You Could Stay in Australia with Working Holiday Visa?

Most holiday visa will only provide you limited time to visit a country as short as 15 days or maximum 30 days but this working holiday visa enables you to stay as long as one year up to two years in Australia. For first time visa you will able to stay one year and it is possible for you to stay for the second year as long as you want to work in rural area.

Working with Ocean View

Working with Ocean View

What Are Benefits from this Working Holiday Visa?

Well, the benefits are a lot including the entitled to the minimum wage. Yes, it is possible to earn money as much as the Australians and if you have certain skills, it is also possible for you to get paid higher than the minimum wage. Furthermore, Australia is paying relatively high money for laboring jobs like gardening and painting.

Working in Vineyard

Working in Vineyard

Are There Any Tips Related to Working Holiday Visa?

There are two things you better have when applying to this visa, first is English and second is knowledge and some points below may lead you to the right path:

  • Making sure you were paid hourly or using piece rate and you know exactly what you will get by finding out the minimum wage in and making sure the agreements you made with the employer are written.
  • If you are working in field that required serving alcohol, you need specific certificate that you could get online in
  • Fruit picking sounds like an easy job but it is totally a hard work, so try to find easier jobs like fruit packing or working in hospitality field for more info about available job for you to apply you could visit or
  • You need Australian bank account, so it is the priority you need to do when you arrived since it required sometime to have one along with the TFN or Tax File Number that you could apply online in
Fruit Picking Job

Fruit Picking Job

By knowing your right as employee you could avoid the dodgy employer. Well, perhaps not in every country you could get job during holiday but Australia is the exception besides, there’s so much beautiful places you could visit and work like in vineyard, exotic bar by the beach and many more.

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