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Bali Tourism Destinations Able to Outperform Spain


Indonesian tourism continues to receive worldwide attention. Bali one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia is able to defeat Spanish tourism. The superiority of Bali compared to Spain because the price of the tour package is cheaper, the culinary price is affordable, the hotel stay cheaper, the car rental is not expensive.

Bali was able to outperform Spain based on recent research showing that the money saved for European countries could be more feasible to use in other places, such as Thailand, Bali and Orlando.

This study is based on consideration of hotels, car rentals, and meals, as well as better money spent in Thailand, Bali and Orlando.

Travel Supermarket says Bali and Orlando have shown the biggest annual decline in prices compared to other tourist destinations. This is based on holiday prices, travel to Bali is cheaper to 16 percent compared to Spain. Moreover, the cost of living in Bali can be said not too high.

Culinary is also cheaper with the price of 1.50 pounds or for Rp2 million. While in Spain the price of food also has a fantastic price.

In fact, Spain has become a popular site for family travelers. This is because of the views and the attractions that give them quality time, even though it is expensive.

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