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Free Travel Apps You Need when Travelling Abroad

Free Travel Apps You Need when Travelling Abroad

One of the perks of living in modern world is when you could use technology for free, for travelling included. When technology was about expensive device that no all people could afford, map and compass were the solution. Fortunately now with so many travel apps you could install to your mobile device, travelling is much easier though still full of challenge because the more information and recommendations you get from the travel apps and then you will have more places you want to explore, more destinations you want to visit. Below is the list of free travel apps you should have when travelling abroad.

  1. Google Maps

It’s the beauty of technology, you are no longer need to bring printed map to show you direction because with Google Maps in your mobile device, you will feel like you have your own personal guide tour that even could talk to you and gives you traffic updates, shows you directions, points the public transit. In short, with Google Maps in hand, there is no word ‘getting lost’ in your travel history.

Free Travel Apps - Google Maps

Free Travel Apps – Google Maps

  1. Kayak

During travelling, budget is important matter, tough sometimes ‘cheap’ is not always the best option. Surely you don’t want to pay for cheap hotel but you cannot sleep at all because the wall is too thin or the bed is full of bugs. Kayak could help you finding ‘the best’ option with ‘the best’ price by providing you application where you could compare hundred of travel sites. Just from your personal mobile device you could compare flight’s fare, hotel’s rates, rental’s deals to find the best price that suits your need.

Free Travel Apps - Kayak

Free Travel Apps – Kayak

  1. Google Translate

Don’t ever think that travel apps you should install is all about map or only those that could give you direction. Sometimes, talking to the locals is the easiest solution to reach the destination, unfortunately not all the locals could speak English, that’s why you need your own personal interpreter and Google Translate that could translates 58 languages for you could be a life saver in this situation.

Free Travel Apps - Google Translate

Free Travel Apps – Google Translate

  1. Foodspotting

One of the reasons why people love travelling is because they could have a lot of chance to taste the local culinary. Unfortunately, in a foreign place you have no idea where you should go for the best food in town. Even if when you talk to the locals, their taste could be different with yours. That’s why you need Foodspotting where you could get recommendations directly from the travelers that have tasted the foods themselves.

Free Travel Apps - Foodspotting

Free Travel Apps – Foodspotting

  1. Oanda Currency Converter

Travelling without shopping is boring. Right now credit card is probably the easiest solution to shop without worrying about currency. Unfortunately, not all places are providing credit card service, so you need local currency for payment. The problem comes when you need to know how much you should pay exactly, it is hard to track whether the price is too expensive or too cheap if you’re not familiar with the currency, that’s why you need Oanda Currency Converter to tell you the exact amount you pay in currency you’re familiar with.

Free Travel Apps - Oanda

Free Travel Apps – Oanda

  1. Mint

Here comes the most important part of travelling, yet the most boring one to discuss, budget. However, you must have known that budget has prominent part in your travelling plan if you don’t want to be homeless with no money in foreign country. Through this mobile apps, you could manage your budget easily and personally where you could track your expenses during your trip and organize your finance in safe and secure way.

Free Travel Apps - Mint

Free Travel Apps – Mint

You have a plan to go on a trip, put those 6 free travel apps to your mobile devices immediately to make your travel much easier and a lot safer.

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