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Low Budget Tour Destinations in Sydney

Usually, travelling and spend holiday need much money. Many people possible to set aside the budget that they have. But, why if you wanna travelling while you on the low budget? If your destination is Sydney, Australia, then you have know, is this tour destinations in Sydney that suitable when you on the low budget.

1. Woollahra


Many kind of shop and art gallery in here. Be sides, the little of boutique and ancient house make this area interesting in explore. Just walking on this area, enjoy the art of buy many collections art with pay cheap price.

2. Haymarket Paddy’s Market

Paddy's market. Sydney, Australia.

Paddy’s market. Sydney, Australia.

This is the bigest souvenir market in Sydney. There is more than a thousand of stand. You be able to drop in this market to buy anythings like food, cosmetic, cloth, souvenir up to second-hand things. Don’t worry about your budget. All of things be able to buy with cheap price.

3. Featherdale Zoo


Do you like animals? Come to here! In Featherdale, visitors can interact directly with animals. The cute koala, the kangaroo, and another animals can you feeding directly. 1700 of animals and 280 species occupy this zoo. Honestly, many of zoo that more bigger than Featherdale Wildlife, but in here also make you feeling lovely because the guard of zoo will showing many of baby animals to visitors. How cute they are!

4. Royal Easter Show


Royal Easter Show is annualy event that showing exhibition and performance. The main show is agricultural exhibition. After harvested, the farmers bring all of the best yield to participate in contest and sharing to mutually know how to increase the quality from yield. The event held in Sydney Olympic Park. Shopping area, food area, carnaval area up to cattle area is exist here. The unique from cattle area is we able to exercise to take care the cattle. Spend your time to visit shopping area. In here, various of natural and herbal product are sell. Get the lotion that made by cow milk, goat milk soap until the jacket which made by leather cow.

5. Sydney Fish Market


Different with another fish market, Sydney Fish Market is the market that will make you ‘fallin in love’ with there. Beside the market is very clean, in here you also can to enjoy haul’s seafood directly from the sea. Salmon, macarel, shrimp, squid, all of them are fresh and big. You can enjoy the lunch, eating the best seafood while look around the scenery of sea. Moreover, in this market also provide cooking class or just watching the demostration cooking. Increase your knowledge about how to cut the fish, how to pare the oyster, tasting sample food or watching chefs cooking. In the morning, this market not very crowded of people. At noon, the worker have a lunch at here. If you come on the weekend, don’t worry not to be allorted place. Near from the market, you can going to the park to picnic and eating the best fresh and delicious seafood. So, why you doubt to package your travel bag? Let’s prepare yourself and have a travelling fun in Sydney although you on the low budget.

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