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New Year in Australia: Night in Sydney – Morning in Bondi Beach

New Year in Australia: Night in Sydney – Morning in Bondi Beach

Sydney – A Celebration of New Year in Australia precisely Sydney did not stop until midnight. Once satisfied to see the fireworks, they spent the morning at Bondi Beach.

This year, about 1.6 million visitors thronged Sydney to enjoy the fireworks. In addition to Sydney, the city is no less crowded is Melbourne.

ABC visiting in Australia, Friday (01/01/2016), tourists have fulfilled the waterfront in Sydney from 20.30 local time. More nights, increasingly crowded.

The crowd peaked when the clock shows 00.00. Where visitors finished counting down and the sky filled with fireworks Sydney colorful.

The theme of this year’s fireworks City of Colour who spends about AU $ 7 million (USD 70 billion). Fireworks is set in the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are beautiful.

After enjoying the fireworks. Many of the visitors who flocked to Bondi Beach and wait for morning.sunset at Bondi-Beach-australia

They want to see the sun rises first in 2016. So, since dawn, Bondi Beach area is full of visitors. As if not exhausted, after sunrise rising, many tourists were still passing on the most famous beach in Sydney.

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