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Solo Travel Vs. Group Tour, Which Are You?


Travelling with friends always fun but sometimes there must the time when you prefer to travel with your own backpack. You must have known that if you’re travelling with friends and then you should have the same schedules which mean you should choose destinations based on the biggest vote, so sometimes you should accept the fact that you cannot go to the place where you really want to be just because you lost on voting. It could be one of the simple reasons why perhaps you should try to do solo travel.

Pros and Cons of Solo Travel vs. Group Tour

However, if you are so new in travelling world, instead of travelling so is perhaps joining group tour could be an alternative. Below is some pros and cons for you to consider whether you prefer solo travel or group tour.

Group Tour

Group Tour

Making Friends

One of the beauty of travelling is you have a lot of chances to meet new people and making friends. By doing solo travel you could make friends with as much as people you want and ditch those you don’t like however it would be totally different if you are joining a group tour because whether you like the person or not, you’re kind of stuck with them. However, making friends during solo travel is not without a downturn either because you have to really careful in trusting someone, don’t ever share your schedule or travel plan with someone you barely know.


The best thing about joining a group tour is you don’t need to worry about what kind of activities you should do today or where you should go for sightseeing because everything are already organized to the single detail including menu for lunch. What you need to make sure is when the right time to hop in to the bus. Unfortunately, if somehow you have a place you want to visit or when you feel tired and need to stop you cannot be selfish because there are a group of people who will be late because of you. However, if you do a solo travel you could make your own schedule, you could list all places you want to visit, you could stop whenever you feel you need it but it required a lot of researches and questions.

Solo Travel

Solo Travel


If you’re so into a nightlife activity during travelling, you are totally on your own if you do the solo travel. You should really careful with how much you should drink and you should know your limit. It is different if you are joining a group tour, you will have someone to take care of you but still drinking too much during travelling is not a wise move because you don’t want wake up the next morning with a headache while having a full day schedule to follow.


No matter where you are, safety is number one priority even if you are joining a group tour you still need to find out about the country you are about to visit. However, if you are joining a group tour, there will be someone professional and more experience than you to deal with situations that probably required safety procedure but still you shouldn’t be a reckless traveler especially when you’re in foreign country. It is totally different if you are doing solo travel, your lack of knowledge to safety could cost you your life that’s why don’t be lazy to do researches to avoid dangers and scams.

Solo travel is not always the best solution sometimes especially when you are about to visit a country you know nothing about and group tour could be annoying sometimes because you should follow the strict schedule especially you who prefer spontaneous kind of travel but group tour also has its own perks when it comes to safety.

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