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The Classic of Sub-urban Melbourne

The classic Victorian building, vineyard and lavender’s garden that make somebody feeling peaceful. All of them can you find at sub-urban Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. It takes two hours for driving from Melbourne to here. If you have plan to spend time in Australia, please try to visit the classic of sub-urban Melbourne that make you feel relaxing, free at nature, different with city of Melbourne which always crowded and luxurious. In here, you can get luxurious too, a difference is all about luxury in here can make your heart feeling peace and thankful.


WARRATINA LAVENDER FARM. Located at Dandenong Valley, this place is a part of much of awesome lavender’s field. In here you can tasting all about lavender product that make with handmade. The beauty product as lotion, body wash and shampoo made by lavender. You can also tasting lavender food directly. Lavender Black Tea, Lavender and Plain Scones with Homemade Raspberry Jam and Cream can you taste like doing the afternoon tea tradition. The blend of scone taste and raspberry jam will making you fall in love with this place.


RAYNER STONEFRUIT ORCHARD. Do you like fruit? Fig, peach, apricot, plum and apple can pick here directly by yourself. Enjoy these fresh fruit while sitting and look around the scenery of this beautiful fresh garden. In here garden’s owner will bring you to arround the garden with tractor. Him stopped tractor each fruit area, let’s pick and enjoy the sweet and fresh fruit that suitable with warm temperature that being weather this place. After enjoy the fruit, you can visit Peach Cafe, a part of this garden. Apple juice, peach ice cream and fruit pie are sweet, fresh and yummy!


PARADISE OF WINE. In Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula much of fertile soil and temperature weather are reach 14 celcius degrees that good for planting the grapevine. It is make this place be able to produce the best wine. From about 150 vineyard, there are many vineyards that always visit by tourist. These vineyards used for factory of wine and the tourist always interesting to look around, seeing directly produce of wine or just riding. Yeah, at the wide vineyards, usually the owner will provide tourist to riding. Horses run arrounding vineyard, feeling sensation of grapevine aroma while riding. After that, please sitting while enjoy sparkling wine and look arround the most fresh garden ever.


YARRA VALLEY CHOCOLATERIE AND ICE CREAM CREAMERY. Beside wine, in Yarra Valley chocolate and dairy product as cheese and milk being favourite. Many factory of them, the best one is Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Cream Creamery. In here you can see process of making chocolate and dairy product directly. While you entering this factory, you cand find printing room first. Chocolate was produce became liquid chocolate, then printing became chocolate candy, praline, truffle or chocolate bar are casing with nicely done. Inovation taste of chocolate also produce at here. The Chocolatier use chili, fruits, cinnamons or beans aroma as additional ingredient. Chili chocolate is most wanted. If you bit, the first taste is original chocolate, and the spicy taste will turn up as aftertaste.


GREEN OLIVE ESTATE. Olive trees like a carpet here. Beside vineyards and vegetable’s field, sheep and egg layer are also be well taken care of this animal husbandry. In here you can try to make olive oil directly. Olive oil has rich benefits. Moreover, in here you will to learning that dregs of olive oil is also using to as fuel. You must try the food that baked with olive oil fuel. Delicious, aromatic and make your touring are memorable. Happy visit the classic of sub-urban Melbourne!

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