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Top 5 places in Hungary


Hungary is a growing tourist destination for visitors from the rest of Europe and beyond. Here are just 5 of the top places that you should visit during your trip to Hungary

1. The favorite tourist destination in Hungary has to be Budapest; in fact this is now becoming one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. If you like a bit of pampering then you are going to love the thermal baths that have been used for over two thousand years to ease pains and aches and as a means to relax; there are over 1,300 thermal springs in the city. Budapest has some important historical buildings and the most famous of them all is Buda Castle which is listed as a UNESCO site. The castle is right next to the beautiful river Danube. The City Park is also an area where you will find many of the important buildings in the city of interest to tourists.

2. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe and is one of Hungary’s most popular tourist destinations. It is often referred to as Hungary’s sea as it is otherwise landlocked. There is plenty of camping available in the area as well as resorts to cater for all budgets. This can be a place to go to relax for a few days or it can also be somewhere to go party. There are many entertainment venues around the lake, where young people from all over Hungary, and the rest of the world, let their hair down.  Lake Balaton is a popular destination in the winter as well as the summer. During the winter time people go ice skating on the lake, or go fishing through ice holes.

3. The Danube Bend is attracts tourists as well as Hungarians. It is a stunningly beautiful area along a part of the Danube River where it turns sharply. It is possible to visit here as a daytrip from Budapest, but many visitors like to stay for a day or two. There are parks and some nice towns worth visiting in the area if you have the time.

4. Lake Tisza is an artificially created lake that is surprisingly scenic and natural looking. It offers an attractive peaceful environment and has become the home for a lot of wildlife. There are plenty of guest houses in the area and a wide variety of water sports available. You will also find many beaches scattered around the lake. Bukk Hills are nearby and they provide many forest paths for you to explore.

5. The Northern Great Plain promises to provide a little bit of everything to any visiting tourist. Here you will find quaint rural towns as well as thermal baths and spas. There are also many accommodation choices ranging from guest houses to luxury hotels. The food in the area is believed to be the best in the country with plenty of fresh produce. If you want to see a different side of Hungary then you must certainly visit this part of the country.

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