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Demi Lovato, the beautiful woman who owns the golden voice. She is a hollywood singer who is very well known on the international scene. In fact, he also had a career as a very competent musician of American nationality. His intelligence and agility in developing talent made him able to be on the throne of his success now, as he feels.

The journey that women have taken in 1992 is certainly not easy. There’s a lot of twists and turns to go through before finally reaching the top of the ladder. However, all efforts made in earnest will not be wasted. There must be results comparable to what is fought for.

Demetria’s full name owner Devonne Lovato was born in New Mexico and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Just like her city nickname city called City of Angels, which means angels, Demi Lovato is like a beautiful angel. His voice was able to bewitch the hearts of the listeners into being captivated.

The music performed by Demi in pop, pop rock, and R&B, is perfect for her attractiveness. Until now, with his skills in the field of sound pulling, making his name soar, all the way to Indonesia. In fact, not a few of the citizens of this country are fans. The beauty of his voice makes anyone who listens able to live up to the intent that he wants to convey.

Demi Lovato’s Story In Career

Demi Lovato

A wise saying says that if the fallen fruit must not be far from the tree, it is true. This applies to Demi Lovato. His singing talent was inherited from his mother, a music artist as well. It was his talent that then ushered in his deep love of art.

Since he was a young man, he has been actively participating in various music contests and talent search events. Not only music, he is also proficient in the world of roles. When she was 10 years old, she managed to showcase her skills in acting by starring in a series called ‘Barney 7 Friends’ with Selena Gomez,her peers who are also Hollywood artists.

One year later, in 2003, he became a star in a Disney television show. Initially, he was part of a short television series titled ‘As The Bell Rings’. Later, not only starring in the show, she also played Mitchie Torres as the lead role in the Disney Channel film Camp Rock. A remarkable achievement at such a young age.

In 2008, his presence in the entertainment universe became popular by becoming the lead artist in Disney’s ‘Sonny with A Chance’.

Demi first released an album with the Jonas Brothers in 2008 under the title ‘Don’t Forget’. The album also made its debut in public. The album reached number two on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Later in the year, Demi Lovato re-released the latest albums as a tribute to fans. Every album that was released, succeeded in culminating in success. His songs are well known around the world, listened to by billions of people. In fact, it is arguably broadcast to the end of the country.

It’s Not Always Sweet, There’s Also a Bitter Story Experienced

Demi Lovato

It is not forever life to serve sweetness, sometimes bitterness is also presented to humans as actors of life. So is this Hollywood star. Despite the success that adorned him, he also experienced the bitterness of life.

The 27-year-old woman had been subjected to bullying against her so violently that she decided to do homeschooling. It looks how tough the test was back then. In fact, he joined pacer, an organization that hosts and helps people who suffer from emotional burdens.

Worse, in 2010, he suffered from a mental disorder. In the same year, he was addicted to illegal drugs such as alcohol and cocaine until an overdose. This led him to have time to rehabilitate to recover it as it was.

In 2011, he recovered and was able to live a quiet life. This year he also released a third album titled ‘Unbroken’, which means it is not broken, just as he is back from the fall.

Seven years later in 2018, the disease relapsed. He is again addicted to dangerous drugs if consumed excessively, as it can threaten safety.

However, he re-released his latest album ‘Summer Run’ in 2019 as a sign he has recovered. Just like the previous album, it ended in success.

Motivating Life Motto

In reaching her current position, Demi Lovato has a life motto that she has always held, which is to never be ashamed of what she feels. Everyone has the right to feel emotions like whatever they want, as well as to do whatever is happy.

So, every human being has the freedom to express the emotions he has. Nothing can prevent him from doing what he wants, as long as he is still in a good realm according to the rules and norms. Freedom does exist, but not only because it upholds your own freedom, you injure the freedoms of others. Life has to be balanced.

Demi Lovato Engaged

Demi Lovato

On July 23, 2020, Demi Lovato was rumored to be engaged to Max Ehrich. The two uploaded photos of each other getting engaged via their respective instagram accounts.

The pair seem edgy and love each other. This is the beginning for Max and Demi to move on to a new life. May these two lovebirds always be bestowed with happiness.

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