Mastering Facebook Marketplace: Top Tips for Successful Selling


Did you know that Facebook now offers ecommerce as a buying and selling platform called Facebook Marketplace? Whether you’re new to having an online store on Facebook or have been selling on the Facebook marketplace for a while, you can peek into the secrets of selling on Facebook Marketplace in this article. But before we get to the tips, you need to know what Facebook Marketplace is and how to use it. So, read this article to the end.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Surely you’re familiar with this social media platform, which has been in use for a long time and is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Now, Facebook isn’t just a social media platform but can also be used for buying and selling and even creating your own online store. Facebook Marketplace is a platform that connects sellers with potential buyers in a certain area, thus reaching a large audience. In addition, there’s a messenger feature that makes it easy for both sellers and buyers to communicate before making a purchase transaction. Unfortunately, Facebook Marketplace is not like other ecommerce platforms that offer various payment methods. It only offers two payment methods: transferring to the seller’s account or Cash On Delivery (COD).

How to Use Marketplace on Facebook

Before you start selling products on Facebook Marketplace, you need to know and understand how to use the marketplace on Facebook. So that later you can easily sell online on Facebook, after that, you understand Facebook marketplace strategies to make sales. If you want to add products to Facebook Marketplace, you can follow these steps:

  • From the Home page, click on the Marketplace icon located in the left menu.
  • Next, click Sell item, then click Item for sale.
  • Add photos to upload photos of your items from your computer.
  • Enter information about the item; if the product offered is Free, you can write 0 as the price.
  • After that, you can click the Next button, and if the Next text is gray, make sure you have entered the necessary information.
  • Finally, select Publish to post your Marketplace offer.

For more information, if you want to know how to display the marketplace on Facebook or tutorial for creating a Facebook marketplace, you can click here.

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace Without Ads

Mastering Facebook Marketplace: Top Tips for Successful Selling
Selling On Facebook Marketplace

As an online seller, you certainly need a well-thought-out plan for your business, right? Especially for those of you who sell on Facebook, you need to implement Facebook marketplace strategies for optimal sales. There are several tips for selling on the Facebook marketplace that you can apply to make your sales successful, including:

Conducting Research

Before selling on Facebook Marketplace, you need to know where the products you will sell will come from. For example, you get products from JakMall and later you sell them on the Facebook marketplace. The initial step could be to see what products are needed by the market on Facebook. To find out, you can check on Google Trends or through Facebook itself. And most importantly, you must determine which city the product will be sold in and adjust it to the city where you live.

Create Content for Facebook Marketplace

When you want to create content on Facebook, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the demographics of Facebook users. Usually, most people who use Facebook are parents, so the items for sale must be tailored to parents. For example, kitchen or cooking utensils, household appliances, or others. So, you can create content that suits parents as well as the city where you will market your products later. Make sure the content created is attractive, starting from selling words or sentences to the stage of purchasing goods.

Pay Attention to Marketplace Traffic

Well, this is often forgotten by online sellers on the Facebook marketplace, even though traffic to our online store greatly influences the level of sales. Traffic here means how we bring many people to visit the marketplace store. For those of you who want to know how to sell on Facebook marketplace without ads, you must be able to spread and share information about our store to the groups on Facebook. Therefore, before you create your Facebook marketplace, you need to join various buy and sell groups.

Join Buy and Sell Groups on Facebook

Still related to the previous way of selling on the Facebook marketplace, where to generate traffic to the marketplace store is to join various buy and sell groups. Moreover, there are many active Facebook groups with audiences, especially those related to product sales. Therefore, you can join one of the buy and sell groups that are certainly relevant to your sales products.

Optimize the Use of Relevant Keywords

One Facebook marketplace strategy that must be considered is optimizing the use of relevant keywords related to the products you sell. As an online seller, of course, you want the products you offer to be at the top when potential buyers search for an item. By optimizing sales through the use of primary keywords in the title and adding relevant keywords in the product description.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace by Maximizing Product Photos

Another way to sell on the Facebook marketplace is to maximize the use of product images. Because, the product photos you display on the Facebook marketplace are the first step for potential buyers to decide whether to buy your product or not. Therefore, you must optimize product images, for example, clearly displaying the item being sold. A tip to avoid is using product photos downloaded from the internet, as the image resolution will likely decrease and reduce buyer confidence.

Provide Cash On Delivery (COD) Payment

As we know, the Facebook marketplace is not like other marketplaces, where it offers various payment methods. So, most product purchases require face-to-face meetings or can also apply the Cash On Delivery (COD) payment system. By implementing this payment system, buyers can know in advance what the sold item looks like. Moreover, there are still buyers who hesitate to transact because they are afraid that the product they buy will not be suitable. As with the COD system in other marketplaces, where the seller or courier meets the buyer at a predetermined location to transact.

Include Contact Information

The next selling tip on Facebook is to include contact information or a number that can be contacted by customers in the item description. So that potential buyers can easily inquire about your products until they finally decide to buy the products you sell.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace Using This Trick is Easy!

There are various ways you can do to make your sales on Facebook or other ecommerce platforms successful. In addition to using marketing strategies such as ads to reach many people or joining buy and sell groups on Facebook Marketplace, you also need a system. With the help of an online sales system, it will certainly make it easier for you to manage business operations. Starting from processing all orders, managing inventory, uploading products at once, to an integrated accounting system.

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