ATEEZ to Drop Exclusive Vinyl for Record Store Day 2024


K-pop sensation ATEEZ is gearing up to unveil a special edition of their acclaimed ‘The World EP.Fin: Will’ exclusively for Record Store Day, ensuring fans won’t miss out on this unique release. Following their recognition as Record Store Day’s inaugural Artist of the Year, as reported by Billboard, ATEEZ is all set to mark this prestigious title with the launch of a limited vinyl version of their hit album, ‘The World EP.Fin: Will’.

Crafted by indie K-pop record label hello82, this vinyl rendition of ‘The World EP.Fin: Will’ promises an extra treat for fans with two unreleased tracks on an exclusive 7-inch vinyl, available only on Record Store Day. Not stopping there, the vinyl boasts a distinct design and includes one of eight collectible PhotoTickets featuring the ATEEZ members.

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Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “K-pop’s significance in the music industry is undeniable, and we’re thrilled to finally honor ATEEZ alongside their devoted fanbase on Record Store Day.” Kurtz also highlighted ATEEZ’s presence on the Coachella lineup this year, alongside other notable South Korean acts like LE SSERAFIM and The Rose.

In other exciting news, ATEEZ is poised to embark on a global tour later this year. The group teased their upcoming tour, ‘Towards the Light: Will to Power’, with a “coming soon” poster back in December 2023, further igniting anticipation among their dedicated fanbase.

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