Charlize Theron Embraces Aging and Challenges Beauty Standards


Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance. However, Theron responded to these rumors by stating that she doesn’t reject aging; instead, she embraces it with open arms.

In an interview with Allure published last Friday, the Bombshell and Mad Max: Fury Road actress expressed her satisfaction with the natural changes that come with aging. Theron chooses to embrace her age, enjoying the process of natural aging rather than fighting against it. Theron is now 48 years old.

“My face has changed, and I like that my face has changed and aged,” Charlize Theron said in the interview with Allure.

She mentioned that some fans speculated that she had plastic surgery or a facelift. However, she firmly responded that every change on her face is perfectly natural. “They say, ‘What has she done to her face?’ I’m like… ‘I’m just aging! It doesn’t mean I’ve had bad plastic surgery. This is what happens,” she said.

Theron also delved into the double standards faced by men and women regarding aging. She disagreed with the notion that “men age like fine wine and women are like plucked flowers.”

“I hate that concept, and I want to fight it, but I also think women want to age in a way that feels right for them. I think we need to have a little more empathy about how we all go through our journey,” she said.

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Theron, the face of Dior’s J’Adore perfume, found it amusing when she had to see her face on billboards. When it comes to perceptions of beauty, Theron shared that she learned to see things differently by looking at others through the eyes of her 11-year-old daughter, Jackson, and 8-year-old son, August.

“They see someone, they like what they’re wearing, or they think they’re pretty, and they don’t really know if she’s in her 20s or 60s. It’s amazing. I love that. I hope we can hold onto that,” she said.

In addition to changes in her face, Theron also discussed how aging has affected her acting abilities in action films like Fast X. She also talked about the challenge of losing weight quickly after filming Tully.

What really frustrates her is that when she does action movies and gets injured, it takes longer to recover than in her 20s. More than her face, she wishes she could have her 25-year-old body. “That I could just get thrown against the wall and not be hurt the next day,” she hoped.

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