MrBeast Birthday Shares USD 50,000 for 5 followers


The famous YouTuber MrBeast or whose full name is Jimmy Donaldson celebrated his 25th birthday on May 7 2023. This man who was born in 1998 also celebrated his birthday in a unique way.

Celebrating his birthday, MrBeast uploaded a post on his Instagram account, @mrbeast, a day ago, calling himself to be holding a USD 50,000 cash giveaway to his 5 lucky followers.

MrBeast says, each of his lucky followers will get USD 10,000. The method is also easy, those who want to take part in this giveaway only need to share the upload to IG Stories and tag someone in the comments column.

“Today is my birthday, so I’m sharing USD 50,000 with 5 followers, USD 10,000 each. You only need to share this upload to your IG Story and tag someone in the comments column,” said YouTuber MrBeast in his Instagram upload description.

MrBeast also mentioned, “If you don’t follow me, I can’t DM you, if you win the money. A winner will be chosen in 72 hours, I’ll show you the proof.”

In the comments section, successful YouTuber MrBeast added, “Not including (those in New York state).

Suddenly, MrBeast’s upload also received many comments. Tekno’s monitoring until Tuesday (9/5/2023) afternoon, there have been more than 20.2 million comments from netizens on MrBeast’s upload.

Who Is MrBeast?

MrBeast is the online pseudonym of Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He gained popularity for his viral stunts and philanthropic efforts, which he showcases in his YouTube videos.

MrBeast’s YouTube channel features a wide variety of content, including challenges, pranks, and philanthropic videos where he gives away large sums of money to strangers, streamers, and charitable organizations. Some of his most popular videos include “Counting to 100,000 in one video,” “Giving away $1,000,000 worth of stuff,” and “I Gave Away $100,000 To Streamers on Christmas.”

MrBeast has also launched several businesses, including MrBeast Burger, a virtual restaurant chain that operates through various food delivery apps. The chain has become a popular option for fans of MrBeast’s content and features items named after his YouTube videos, such as the “Beast Style” burger.

MrBeast has amassed a significant following on various social media platforms, including YouTube, where he has over 67 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the world.

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast Birthday Shares USD 50,000 for 5 subscribers
MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast’s net worth was estimated to be around $100 million USD. However, it’s important to note that net worth estimates can fluctuate over time and may not always be accurate due to factors like investments, taxes, and other financial considerations.

MrBeast has earned his wealth primarily through his successful YouTube channel and various business ventures, including MrBeast Burger, MrBeast Gaming, and merchandise sales. He has also earned a significant amount of money through brand deals and sponsorships, as well as from his philanthropic efforts, which have included giving away millions of dollars to various charitable causes.

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