How To Shrink Calves With These 4 Exercises


How to shrink calves sought after women especially to support the trend of mini skirts and shorts (Hot Pants) are popular. As it turns out, there are many causes of calves being large that you can anticipate.

What causes the calf of the foot to become large?

  1. Genetic
  2. It often stands for a long time, so blood circulation in blood vessels is poor and toxins accumulate in the lower part of the body.
  3. The wrong way of exercising, making fat cling to muscles and become an accumulation of fat in the legs.
  4. Wearing shoes that are not suitable for the feet
  5. Routinely perform activities that force the use of the weight of your foot ball (the back of the foot), including walking in high heels.

Then, what if your calves are already big?

For super short-term improvements and super-fast results, you can wear high heels to make your legs look elongated.

Most people think that walking too much can cause large calves, so they decide to reduce it. In fact, aerobics /walking exercises i.e. cardio, jogging, skipping or riding a bike, etc., are the best exercises to shape the legs, as long as you stretch for at least 15 minutes after each workout to restore muscle flexibility.

Beauty belongs to all women, but of course it requires discipline to be able to change body shape. So, for long-term improvement, the steps below must be done regularly before you can see the results you want. But, if you survive and be patient, then the beautiful legs will be yours. With cardio, stretching, aided by proper amounts of massage and lifestyle changes (such as reducing the frequency of wearing high heels, proper diet, etc.), you can get sexy legs easily.


Choose the type of cardio exercise you want, jogging, swimming, running, cycling, jumping rope, etc.

High reps/light weight training

Perform calf raising movements (described below) in a standing or sitting position before each cardio workout.

Movement of raising calves:

  1. Standing by keeping a balance with a ball of feet on the edge of a ladder or other object that is 20 cm higher than the ground, you can put your hands on the wall to balance, and the heel hangs in the air.
  2. Slowly raise the heel and tiptoe while squeezing, at the highest point, then, at the same speed lower your heel as far as possible.
  3. You can start by doing at least 2 sets with 10 reps and increasing the number of sets and reps when you’re used to it.

Light rep exercises with heavy weights tend to increase muscle size, while, high reps exercises with light weights, muscle tightening. For example, 4 sets with 15 to 25 standing reps or sitting calf lifts using only weight. Do it twice or more per week and your calves will tighten and shrink.

Exercises that you can do regularly in order to get slim calves are:


Cardio is great for fat loss and the good news is you will never gain big muscle because of it. Cardio exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, jumping rope, etc. combined with a high fiber/low protein intake diet can trim your legs. You can even reduce muscle size and take an inch or so of your calves. Cardio is also good for your health.


Walking lengthens muscles and gives better shape to your legs. It is easy to do and also reduces the risk of various major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

And remember to stretch the calves, especially before and after high reps exercises/light weights and cardio, to prevent tightness of the muscles, which can cause injury, pull your calf muscles, and raise your calves.


Facing the wall with one foot in front of the other, his palms to the wall. The back of the foot should be about three meters from the wall, the front-middle leg between the back leg and the wall. Keep both heels on the floor. Bend the front knee and lean forward gradually until you feel the stretch in your back calf. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, change legs and repeat at least 5 sets.

The above steps are for gastroc stretching, there is also a good soleus stretch for your calves as well. Other stretching exercises that you can do regularly to shrink calves are:


How To Shrink Calves With These 4 Exercises

Programmatic exercises such as pilates and yoga involve both strengthening and stretching which are great for elongating and lengthening muscles thus providing higher posture, which means longer and leaner legs.


  1. Soften fat accumulation: sit with one leg bent in front of the chest while the other leg is twisted. Try to relax the body, massage your calf muscles from the ankles towards the knees using the palms of the hands.
  2. Remove tightness: rub the bottom of the foot with two intense hands, kneading from the bottom up.
  3. Increase flexibility: stroke up calves using an empty middle palm to reduce fatigue and add more flexibility.


Change your lifestyle i.e. abstain from high heels or inappropriate shoes, the right diet: high in fiber, low in protein, and a low-carb diet, avoid standing for long periods of time or walking on uneven surfaces, etc.

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