Biden’s Impeachment Stirred Up by the US House of Representatives, Why?


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, faces the threat of impeachment. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Party’s leader in the House of Representatives, initiated an impeachment investigation against the 80-year-old leader on Tuesday local time.

“I request the House committee to commence formal impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden,” McCarthy asserted on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

This move is related to the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. McCarthy stated that Hunter had misled the American people about his family’s foreign business affairs.

“Republican members in the House of Representatives have raised serious and credible allegations regarding President Biden’s conduct,” he added.

“Collectively, these allegations paint a picture of a culture of corruption,” he further noted.

The investigation will be led by Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky, who chairs the House Oversight Committee. He will coordinate with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan from Ohio and Representative Jason Smith, who leads the Ways and Means Committee.

In reality, Hunter Biden’s business affairs have always been a target for the Republican Party while his father served as vice president under the Obama administration. However, so far, no credible evidence has emerged implicating Biden in any illegal activities.

McCarthy himself, as reported by AFP, has been under pressure from the far-right wing of his party, which remains loyal to Donald Trump. This paved the way for months-long efforts to open an impeachment investigation against Biden.

Democratic members of the House of Representatives have condemned this move, calling it a purely partisan action. They believe it is intended as retaliation for the dual impeachment proceedings conducted by the House against former President Trump.

The White House has also criticized this action, with a spokesperson referring to it as the “worst form of extreme politics.”

“Republican members in the House have been investigating the President for nine months, and they have not found any evidence of wrongdoing,” said spokesperson Ian Sams on social media.

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