The Issue of Sex Recession is in the Spotlight, Here Are 4 Countries That Experienced It


sex recession came into the spotlight after China reportedly experienced the problem. The alleged sex recession in China arose due to the declining number of births.

As Hypebae informed, the term ‘sex recession’ refers to the decreasing sex activity carried out by society. Here are some of the countries that are said to be experiencing a sex recession.



China is said to be experiencing this problem. The sign is the decreasing number of births there.

In a study titled ‘The Challenges of the Low Birth Rate in China’, in 2021 the birth rate in the Bamboo Curtain Country is only 7.52 births per 1,000 people.

This figure decreased compared to 2020, where the number of births in China touched 8.52 per 1,000 people. Not only that, the birth rate in 2021 was called the lowest in China since 1949.


The senior editor of The Atlantic, Kate Julian, in 2018, wrote about the sex recession in the United States.

In his article, Julian raises concerns about the group of U.S. teenagers to young adults who engage in less sex.

According to data from the Adolescent Risk Behavior Survey, conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of middle-high school students who have had sex has decreased from 54% to 40% since 1991-2017.

Julian said some of the causes of the sex recession are because some people feel they don’t have to have sex if they don’t want to. Julian also said another possibility of a recession is because some people prioritize school and career over love or sex.

Meanwhile, according to Insider, the factor causing this recession is a change in culture. People nowadays find it easier to get entertainment from cyberspace such as watching movies on Netflix or playing social media. This makes people no longer want sex often.


Japan is said to be one of the countries where the younger generation has less sex than the previous generation.

According to japan’s National Fertility Survey, one in ten men in Japan who are in their 30s are still virgin.

Public health researcher at the University of Tokyo, Peter Ueda argues that the sex recession in Japan occurred because of the lack of confidence in the finances and careers that people are experiencing.

“Compared to men who are full-time employees, part-time workers or temporary workers are four times greater without heterosexual experience at ages 25 to 39, and unemployed people are at eight times greater risk,” Ueda said.


The UK is apparently also experiencing a sex recession problem. according to the National Survey on Sexual Behavior and Lifestyle (Natsal), since 2001-2012 the number of sexual activity of respondents showed a decrease.

The biggest drop was in respondents over the age of 25, both married and cohabiting.

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