Enhance Your Discord Server with These Top Bots!


Have you ever felt insecure when you see your friend’s cool and attractive Discord server? To make your server more appealing, you can add Discord bots to it. Discord bots offer numerous features that can enhance the visual appeal of your server, such as music, games, roles, functions, and much more. To add Discord bots, you can invite them to your server, usually found on websites like top.gg. There are so many bot options available for Discord!

Now, for those of you who are unsure about choosing the right Discord bots, we have prepared some recommended bots that should be in your server. Here are the recommendations:

  1. MEE6
    For those of you struggling to find a Discord bot that functions in moderation, MEE6 is the perfect choice. MEE6 provides features that allow for custom commands, such as sending messages, assigning roles, and enforcing rules with automatic actions like kicks, mutes, or bans to users who break server rules. Additionally, it offers features like announcements, XP leveling systems, music, and more. With MEE6, you won’t need moderators anymore as all moderator tasks can be handled by it.
  2. Jockie Music
    Feeling like your voice channel is empty? You can add Jockie Music to your server. Jockie Music lets you play songs from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, and other applications. It offers 4 free bots that can be added to the same server, allowing you to use Jockie Music in 4 different voice channels. Using Jockie Music is very easy, just type “.p [the title of the song you’re looking for],” like “.p The Scientist”.
  3. Sesh
    For those who frequently organize events on Discord, Sesh is the perfect bot for you. Sesh can be used to schedule events, create polls and events, set reminders, track event participants, and more. The commands used are also very simple, making it easy for you to use this bot. Additionally, the schedules you create with Sesh can be linked to Google Calendar! Isn’t that cool? So, go ahead and organize your schedule with Sesh!
  4. Dank Memer
    Ever feel bored and unsure of what game to play? You can play games on Discord! Dank Memer is one of the fun-based Discord bots that allows you to create memes, gifts, and images. There are hundreds of memes you can create with Dank Memer to share with your friends. Additionally, it features an economy system that allows members to engage in stealing, bank robbing, and gambling adventures, which are certainly fun to play.
  5. Triviabot
    This bot is also one of the fun-based Discord bots. Triviabot provides trivia questions for you to answer. It also has leaderboards that allow you and all Discord members to play together and compete for the highest scores.

Those are some recommended Discord bots that should be in your server. Inviting these bots is also easy! You can directly invite them and enjoy the available features. So, make your server even more appealing! Do you have any other bot recommendations?

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