7 Best Beach Bars in Europe


The 7 most extravagant beach bars in Europe:

1. Hula-Hula, Hvar Beach Bar

Hula-Hula is one of the best beach bars in Europe and it’s located on the party town of Hvar which is one of the best party beaches in Europe during the summer season.

7 Best Beach Bars in Europe hula hula

Hula-Hula bar is located on the stunning Hula Hula beach which is just a short walk from Hvar town center where the famous Carpe Diem nightclub is located. The great thing about Hula Hula beach bar is that during the afternoon you can enjoy a quite lunch, while in the evening you can enjoy Hula-Hula’s nice beach parties.

2. Buddha Beach, Puerto Banus

7 Best Beach Bars in Europe

Buddha Beach is located on the glorious town of Marbella, which is one of the most glamorous beach destinations in Spain. 

If you’re looking for an up-scale and relaxing spot to enjoy a meal and a cocktail pool-side while listening to soothing tunes, Buddha Beach is definitely one of the best beach bars in Europe. The bar boasts beds and cabanas by the beach, as well as a nice spa and lovely beach front restaurant.

3. PK2, Ibiza

The island of Ibiza does boast many restaurants and party beach hang outs such as the legendary Bora in Playa d’en Bossa. Having said this, PK2 has to be one of the best beach bars in Europe because of its amazing location, as well as its paella which the bar is famously known for. 

PK2 is located in the secluded cove (almost hard to find) of Playa S’Estanyol, which is a nice spot for a peaceful day at the beach without the large crowds. Saying this, PK2 beach bar is just 10 minutes drive from Ibiza Town so you’re never too far from the hustle and bustle!

4. Dimitrios Beach Bar, Zakynthos

Dimitrios Beach Bar is located in the town of Argassi and it’s a popular pool in the Ionian Islands of Greece.

Dimitrios Beach bar boasts beautiful views across the ocean, and it’s definitely one of the best beach bars in Europe for families with kids. Dimitrios Beach bar offers amenities such as a free pool table, swimming pool and tennis courts to keep kids occupied.

5. Buzz Beach Bar, Oludeniz

Buzz Beach Bar is located on the southern coast of Turkey (east of Antalya) and it’s without a doubt, one of the best beach bars in Europe because of the amazing views you can get of the sunset from the bar’s upper deck.

Buzz Beach Bar’s location and atmosphere are idyllic for enjoying a relaxing night out drinking cocktails and eating yummy kebabs.

6. Ray’s Lido, Malta

7 Best Beach Bars in Europe

Ray’s Lido is found on the northern corner of the main island of Malta (on Little Armier Bay), and it’s one of the best beach bars in Europe as you can visit here even in winter.

Ray’s Lido bar is blessed by the lovely Maltese weather and it’s situated on a stunning stretch of golden sandy beach with amazing crystal clear waters where you can enjoy jet-ski safaris around the island of Malta, as well as other water sports such as paragliding, banana boat rides, and boat trips.

7. Blue Bar, Porthtowan

7 Best Beach Bars in Europe

Blue Bar is located in the English county of Cornwall and it is another of the best beach bars in Europe because of the fantastic views the ocean waves and general vibe.

The town of Porthtowan is known as surfers paradise and Blue Bar is a definitely a surfers’ hang out, though families also visit Blue Bar to watch the surfers and waves rolling into the beach.

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