Glamorous Camping: Luxury Tents in Exquisite Natural Settings


Camping is always associated with nature lovers’ activities. But this is a five-star camping site with enjoyable amenities. Glamorous camping allows us to stay connected with nature while maintaining a touch of glamour. This is a world-famous glamorous camping location.

Camping here promises a fun vacation experience while also providing tranquility. Located on a hill adorned with Eucalyptus trees, it evokes a peaceful feeling with its aroma.

In camps near the sea, visitors can embark on various adventures. Relaxing on the camp terrace is also delightful, like enjoying the peaceful nights and the beauty of the lights. The tents are made of thick canvas. They feature large comfortable beds covered with linen fabric and bathrooms with bathtubs. Immersing oneself in the bathtub while enjoying the birdsong in the wilderness creates a serene atmosphere.

Ranthambore National Park, India.

Ranthambore Glamorous Camping: Luxury Tents in Exquisite Natural Settings

This resort camp offers a five-star experience amidst the lush green grass. The beauty of Aravalli Hill leaves a lasting impression, allowing Jaipur to enjoy the scenery. Unlike the bustling cities in India, known for their noise, a luxurious vacation offers a different side of India.

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of nature, try lying down in the tent or simply relax on the tent terrace while enjoying the warmth of the midday sun with a direct view of the National Park. Each tent provides a simple yet stylish interior, with comfortable beds and seating.

Floating Lodge – Tatai, Koh Kong, Cambodia.

The camping resort is located on the Tatai River. The Tatai River flows from the Cardamom Mountains, which cut through the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Each tent, equipped with luxurious amenities, is made of transparent glass walls, allowing visitors to enjoy the view while relaxing to the sound of the river and the forest.

There are plenty of activities for visitors, such as kayaking, swimming, or trekking in the Cardamom Mountain area, enjoying the birdsong directly from their habitat, or playing in the waterfalls.

Three Camel Lodge – Mongolia

Camel Lodge-Mongolia Glamorous Camping: Luxury Tents in Exquisite Natural Settings
Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Visitors often enjoy the view even while relaxing in their tents. With comfortable beds, wooden floors, and handcrafted furniture, they can stay longer and enjoy the view of the Gobi Desert, with its shades of brown and green visible directly from the tents.

Exploring the Gobi Desert can be an adrenaline-pumping activity, or if visitors simply want to relax, the tents offer spa services and culinary tours to savor Mongolian cuisine. Handcrafted souvenirs unique to Mongolia serve as keepsakes for visitors.

Cocoteraie Luxury Tents – Lombok, Indonesia.

Glamorous Camping: Luxury Tents in Exquisite Natural Settings
Cocoteraie Luxury Tents – Lombok, Indonesia.

Lombok is home to many beautiful islands, and one of them is Gili Trawangan, which showcases natural wonders such as white sandy beaches and vibrant underwater scenes.

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On the beach, visitors can experience relaxation in the luxurious tents of La Cocoteraie. The resort offers numerous five-star tents. Hammock beds are provided for guests to enjoy while feeling the coastal breeze. Static bike rentals are also available around this picturesque island.

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